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Level Up Your Jump Rope Workout With the Crossrope Home Workout System

Weighted jump ropes are a fantastic way to get in your cardio at home, and we’ve written about our favorite weighted jump ropes before. This fitness equipment combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, letting you tone muscles while breaking a sweat. Plus, unlike treadmills or stationary bikes, they can easily be stored when you’re done working out. If you’re a fan of the weighted jump rope, then it’s time to discover the Crossrope.

We previously named the Crossrope the “best premium weighted jump rope,” and this is the perfect time to invest in new home workout equipment.

The Crossrope jump rope is an elevated, high-quality weighted jump rope system designed to help you burn more calories faster with versatile jumping workouts you can do anywhere.

The Crossrope jump ropes come with weighted ropes designed to effectively work a whole system of muscles in your body at once. The ropes are made of braided steel and proprietary coating that mitigates the risk of tangling and helps you jump easily, anywhere. They’ve got a patented “fast clip” system that enables you to easily change out lighter or heavier ropes depending on where you are in your workout, and the high-performance handles will help you hold onto them even as you sweat.

The heavier the rope, the higher the intensity and the greater your workout — sometimes you can burn nearly 1,000 calories in an hour of jumping. The ropes also coordinate with a smartphone app that has hundreds of fast and effective workouts that you can stream at your convenience.

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Crossrope has three different jump rope sets available for purchase depending on what you’re looking for.

Crossrope Get Lean Set

This set is designed for those who want to lose weight and build lean muscle while burning fat and boosting their cardiovascular performance. It comes with their ergonomically designed slim handles, 1/4-pound rope and 1/2-pound rope, as well as the app. If you’re looking for a quick way to burn some major calories, then this kit is the one you should try first.

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Crossrope Get Strong Set

If strength-training is the name of your game, then you’re going to want to go with the Get Strong weighted jump rope set. It’s got heavier ropes designed to build power and strength as well as deeply activate your muscles for a better lift. This set comes with power handles that are a little bigger for a more secure grip, a 1-pound rope, 2-pound rope and the Crossrope app.

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Courtesy of Cross Rope


Crossrope Get Fit Bundle

If you don’t like having to choose between getting lean and getting strong — Crossrope has also bundled all of their equipment together so you can do both at the same time. This bundle includes both sets — the Get Lean and Get Strong — and is designed for all fitness levels. Quickly change between all of the ropes throughout your workout and access their quick and efficient digital workouts on the app.

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Courtesy of Cross Rope