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These Cozy Slippers Are Specially Made For People With Foot Pain, Swollen Feet or Diabetes

* These cozy slippers are made for around-the-house comfort
* They feature a fury lining with an adjustable velcro closure for the perfect fit
* A great choice for anyone with foot pain, swollen feet or diabetes

There are few things in life that can make you feel better than a nice warm hug. Now imagine that your feet can enjoy hugs of their own! That’s exactly what these LongBay Women’s Memory Foam Slippers are able to deliver.

With their faux bunny fur lining and wool-like knit exterior, you can tell these slippers were designed for cozy winter comfort. Add into that a unique fastening method, which allows you to keep them as tight or as loose as you want, and you’ll discover the ultimate in around-the-house comfort for your feet.

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These slippers are a great option for anyone who wants to get home from a hard day at work and relax. The easy slip-on and customizable fit also make them an ideal choice for anyone who has tired feet, swelling, pain, edema or even diabetes-related foot issues.

At the bottom of the slippers, you’ll find high density 70D memory foam to ensure that every step you take is an enjoyable one. Plus, the supportive insoles help to deal with most common foot complaints. For example, pain from plantar fasciitis, which can occur as a result from too much time spent on your feet, can be alleviated by wearing the slippers.

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As a handy bonus, these high quality slippers also feature a durable rubber sole, which provides grip on a wide range of surfaces. This versatility means it’s no problem to step outside to grab the morning paper or pop next door to pay the neighbors a visit and show them your fancy new diabetic slippers.

If you happen to be stuck for a gift for a friend for family member, the LongBay Women’s Memory Foam Slippers are sure to please. They come in 3 colors, namely light gray, cute pink and burgundy red. For people who suffer from foot pain, swollen feet or diabetes, these slippers will certainly be a welcome reprieve.


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