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We Have A Fever for This Digital Thermometer

* Plugs into your smartphone
* Pediatrician recommended
* Offers real-time guidance

Plug into better health with the award-winning Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer. It launches old-fashioned temperature checking into the modern age. And would you believe it doesn’t even need batteries? Simply plug it straight into your iOS or Android device and it will give you accurate fever and health readings in seconds.

This smart thermometer takes precise oral, rectal and underarm temperature readings. It’s FDA-cleared for its accuracy and reliability. And unlike other thermometers, the Kinsa recommends what you should do next if a fever is present. It can also give you a forecast of ailments currently going around your area. And, it provides tips on keeping you and your family healthy. That’s why it’s pediatrician-recommended.

Kinsa provides time-stamped temperature data, which helps diagnosis and offer treatment plans. The app offers additional useful features such as real-time health tracking for each member of your family, along with in-app guidance based on age and symptoms, medication dosage information and reminders. There’s even an interactive bubble game to keep squirmy kids entertained while their temperature is being taken. They love it.

Kinsa Smart Stick is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, plus all major Android devices. You won’t find a better thermometer for when you’re traveling. And, it’s safe to clean with a little soap and water or alcohol wipes. This is definitely the last thermometer you’ll ever need to buy.

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