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These Disposable Pads Neutralize Odors From Gas

* Makes a great gag gift
* Made with activated charcoal
* Environmentally friendly

Not only do these disposable, antimicrobial pads purport to neutralize the odor and sequester the pollutants from gas, they are possibly one of the best-named products we’ve come across on Amazon. Presenting Subtle Butt, the environmentally friendly activated charcoal pads that make an excellent “gag” gift, no pun intended. They take the “deadly” out of “silent but deadly.”

Perhaps you have a lactose-intolerant friend, roommate or co-worker, who nonetheless indulges in lactose-containing products, to the discomfort of all in a three-meter radius. Slip some Subtle Butt in their stocking for a “subtle” hint.

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Courtesy Amazon

Know someone on a green cleanse who seems to be cleansing their own digestive tract at the expense of the surrounding atmosphere? Leave them the gift of Subtle Butt, an eco-friendly solution to the problem of human-caused greenhouse gasses.

Farts, or as the climate scientists term them “biogenic methane emissions,” are a non-negligible source of global carbon pollution. Granted livestock out-fart humans by a large amount, but consider Subtle Butt as doing its own small part for the planet. These charcoal pads are also a great way to make like the traditional “Krampus” and leave someone literal coal in case they’re on your “naughty list,” as they say.


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