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This Doorway Punching Bag Helps You Get a Full Body Boxing Workout at Home

* Break a sweat without breaking your apartment
* Height adjustable and comes with sample workout routines
* “Rocky” soundtrack not included

Whether you’ve just discovered a treasure trove of 1980s boxing workout tapes, are looking for one of the most convenient ways to get a full body HIIT style workout at home, or just need to take out your frustrations in a way that won’t alarm your neighbors, this doorway-mounted “quiet” punching bag is a great way to get yourself moving.

It attaches to any standard doorway via adjustable upper and lower poles, and since it’s suspended on high strength nylon webbing instead of jangly chains, it lives up to the “quiet” part of its billing.

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Courtesy The Grommet

The 3.5-pound bag is wide enough, at 21 inches by 12 inches, so that your klutziest haymakers won’t miss the mark. Thanks to the elasticity of the webbing, it also functions as a speed bag for training your quick jabs. For beginners, it even comes with workout instructions to help you get started. You can adjust the placement of the quiet punching bag for any height, and you don’t need to wear gloves when using it. Unless of course, dramatically putting on a pair of fingerless workout gloves while “Eye of the Tiger” plays at full volume in the background is an essential part of your routine. We’re not judging… though it might in fairness impinge on the “quiet” aspect of this otherwise neighbor-friendly punching bag.

Still, however you get in the mood to burn some calories, build fast-twitch muscle and lower your cortisol, the Doorway Punching Bag makes it more convenient than ever to get started. Easier on your hands than punching cinderblocks, and easier on your security deposit than punching a wall, this quiet punching bag lets you get an intense full body workout while taking out your frustrations in the comfort of home.

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