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Price Drop: Save $100 on Echelon’s Smart Indoor Cycling Bike Right Now

Indoor cycling has dominated the pandemic-era home workout craze and for good reason — bikes don’t take up a lot of room, cycling is a pretty low-impact sport and you can get a great workout done in a short amount of time. Companies like Peloton and NordicTrack created more advanced versions of their luxury bikes aimed at bringing the boutique fitness experience home and succeeded. These bikes can cost thousands of dollars which is not in everyone’s budget. This is why now is the best time of the year to get that bike you’ve been waiting for, or waiting to give someone as the best Christmas gift they could possibly imagine.

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This year, however, thanks to some of the best early Black Friday deals showing up in major ways this year due to early shopping trends, supply chain delays and shipping delay panic your grandparents are undoubtedly freaking out about, awesome giftable items like this already affordable spin bike by Echelon is now on sale for over $100 off its regular price.

Echelon indoor cycling bike

If you have a new year’s resolution to “exercise more” but don’t have a plan for making it happen yet this purchase might be just what you need to jumpstart progress. This bike normally costs almost $600 but is now on sale for $497, and it comes with a free 90-day membership to their Echelon Sport Membership program. This Walmart-exclusive fitness program features regular cycling classes as well as scenic rides ranging from 20-45 minutes long.

The bike has 32 different levels of magnetic resistance to choose from and the ergonomically-designed aero handlebars enable you to align your body for a comfortable, supportive ride.

The affordable spin bike also has a competition-style seat and has toe cage pedals so there’s no need to buy cycling shoes.

This bike is everything the more expensive bikes are without the added cost, so if you’re curious about how cycling could jumpstart your fitness routine might now be the best time to jump in.

Echelon indoor cycling bike