The Best Essential Oil Diffusers (as Well as the Best Essential Oils) To Buy Right Now

best essential oil diffusers

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It’s hard to argue with the power of essential oils. They can make your home smell amazing, but they can also reduce the symptoms of a number of maladies, from headaches to hormone imbalances. However, to harvest the power of essential oils, you either need to dilute them in oil and apply them directly to the skin, or you need an essential oil diffuser to spread the scent throughout your home.

The latter is the most popular option for using essential oils. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for the mind and body. It can also set the mood for yoga, meditation, sleep and more. However, it’s important to find the right essential oil diffuser for your specific needs. Things to consider include the tank size (and therefore the running time), the power of the diffuser to cover your large or small space and whether you’ll be using the diffuser at night (creating the need for a timer or automatic shut-off).

To help narrow down your search, we’ve collected the best essential oil diffusers of 2021 so far. Each of these has great reviews and is more than capable of creating an aroma-filled space, depending on your needs. Plus, at the end of our round-up, we include a few of our favorite essential oil sets. Just in case you’re starting from square one here.


The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

1. InnoGear Upgraded Essential Oil Diffuser

At an affordable price point, the InnoGear Upgraded Essential Oil Diffuser delivers just about everything you need. It offers quiet ultrasonic technology, has seven changing mood lights and shuts off automatically when it runs out of water. Although it may not be the most beautiful option on this list, it does boast three working modes, namely intermittent, continuous mist and lights only.

best essential oil diffusers innogear Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

With its strangely beautiful colors and innocuous size, the Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser would be a great addition to any bedroom or living space. The 100 ml tank can provide mist for up to 8 hours on intermittent mode or 3 to 4 hours on continuous at a rate of 20 to 25 ml/hour. In addition, Viva Naturals has included whisper-quiet technology in a motor powerful enough to cover 10 to 15 square meters with aromas.

Viva Naturals Oil Diffuser Amazon

3. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER is a huge name in essential oil diffusers at the moment as evidenced by the two URPOWER diffusers you’ll find on this list. This is one of their cheaper models, but it’s beautiful and works brilliantly, which explains its popularity. Tons of people have given the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser a five-star review on Amazon. In terms of hardware, this device offers a 150 ml tank, lights in seven different colors as well as continuous and intermittent modes.

best essential oil diffusers urpower Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Jack and Rose Essential Oil Diffuser

This stylish option from Jack and Rose will fit your home’s aesthetic as much as your own. It holds 500mL, making it easier for you to use this diffuser due to the lack of refills needed. The Jack and Rose diffuser also has the ability to play soft music. This option is perfect for a gift or for your own diffusing pleasures.

Jack and Rose Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon

5. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear’s 200mL Essential Oil Diffuser helps bring the woodsy outdoors to any room. It holds 200mL, which is a decent amount for a good-sized room. Also, it comes with four timers and two misting options. Also, in order to help remind you when to refill, this diffuser has an auto-off function that turns the system off when you’re sleeping and when it’s out of oil.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon

6. URPOWER Square Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Yet another URPOWER diffuser, this device is unique thanks to its shape. It’s easy to see why people love the modern-looking design of a square diffuser. But with a huge 700 ml capacity and 20+ hours of running time, this device is as functional as it is beautiful. Furthermore, the seven-color diffuser can also function as a humidifier and night light, making this one home gadget you won’t want to go without.

best essential oil diffusers square Image courtesy of Amazon


7. RENWER Essential Oil Diffuser

RENWER makes an interesting case for the essential oil diffuser with its own take on the device. This diffuser comes with seven LED light settings and also has a dim/bright option. It also has the option of a continuous mist or an intermittent mist. The device can hold 400mL which is suitable for a big room, and it also has an auto-off function for when it’s empty.

RENWER Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon

8. ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Similar in appearance to the Everlasting Comfort model, the ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser claims to be a five-in-one aromatherapy device. The ultrasonic diffuser boasts a 400 ml tank, 7 LED light colors, multiple misting modes and a safety shut-off. In addition to being a diffuser, this device can improve air quality by working as a humidifier. Furthermore, the interior tank has been developed using the same materials as baby bottles, so you know it’s safe to use.

best essential oil diffusers asakuki Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Crafted out of stone, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is modern yet primitive. This diffuser has a two-timer setting with a three-hour or 7.5-hour interval that will diffuse oil depending on your needs. It also has an optional lighting feature that is operational while the system is diffusing or not. It is easy to clean and it comes in four eye-catching colors.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser Amazon

10. Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser for Essential Oil

The nebulizing feature of the Raindrop 2.0 Diffuser helps the system produce the most concentrated and strong scents from essential oils. It only uses essential oils, no water, and it doesn’t even use heat. This system also has a LED-rainbow carousel of lights and is made out of hardwood. Also, the system comes with a one-year warranty that keeps the customer in mind.

Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser for Essential Oil Amazon

12. Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes diffusers can make noise, whether it’s the drip of the oils or the mechanics of the machine working, and that can get in the way of your attempt at relaxation. This soundless diffuser is made from plastic and has a continuous or intermittent mist setting. It also has a waterless turn-off function. Finally, it holds 150mL which is a decent amount for a small to medium-sized room.

Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon

The Best Essential Oils

1. Lagunamoon Essential Oils 

This gift set from Lagunamoon has six 10mL bottles of essential oils that range in scents. These scents can be mixed and matched to create new scents of relaxation and calmness. The scents included are Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. It is the perfect starter set for those wanting to use essential oils.

Lagunamoon Essential Oils Amazon

2. Pure Aroma Essential Oils

The Pure Aroma set of essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade. Scents included with this set are Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orange, Peppermint and Tea Tree. These scents are fresh and are sure to make any room smell great. 

Pure Aroma Essential Oils Amazon

3. Artizen 14 Essential Oil Set

One of the most diverse sets of essential oils on our list comes from Artizen. This 14-piece set has scents like Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Good Sleep Blend, Tea Tree, Stress Relief Blends, Lemon, Peppermint and Frankincense. They are all 5mL and come in brown bottles. This set is perfect for anybody wanting to try essential oils.

Artizen 14 Essential Oil Set Amazon

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