This Ayurvedic Ear Oil Helps Reduce Excess Wax Buildup Naturally

essential oil for earache excess wax
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* Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine that relies on natural oils
* These herbal ear drops can prevent excess wax buildup
* Use the drops daily or weekly for long-term auditory health

As a society, we don’t often discuss ear issues. Perhaps that’s because the image of canals full of yellow wax isn’t an appealing one. However, plenty of people suffer from chronic ear issues, like excess wax buildup, interior itching and infections. There are plenty of tools to help get rid of wax (hint: don’t use Q-Tips), but we don’t often find products to regularly control ear health. That’s why this Ayurvedic ear oil is so special.

Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine using natural roots and oils. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that applying oil to all parts of the body helps maintain proper function. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that the tradition also suggests placing warm oil into the ear canal.

essential oil for earache excess wax Image courtesy of Amazon

The PAAVANI Karna Purana Oil is made from certified organic sesame oil and certified pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil. Both of these ingredients are helpful to long-term auditory health thanks to their antibacterial properties. As a result, Karna Purana Oil can be used to sooth conditions such as TMJ, excess ear wax, poor hearing due to ear canal blockage, ringing in the ears and lockjaw.

To use these herbal ear drops, first heat the oil by running the bottle under hot water, placing the bottle in a bowl of hot water or placing the oil in a small crockpot. On a daily basis, place one to two drops of the warm oil into each ear canal. Then, massage the ear space so the drops can work their magic. In addition, on a weekly basis, place five to eight drops in each ear canal while lying down on your side. Let the oil absorb for about five minutes before switching sides and allowing the excess oil to drain onto a towel or cotton ball.

If you suffer from frequent ear troubles, it doesn’t hurt to try this ancient Ayurvedic practice. With regular application, you can expect healthier ears with less wax buildup and fewer infections.


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