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How to Improve Every Punch

* Tracks the speed and power of every punch you throw
* Points out your Winning Factors and areas to improve
* Makes training and competing more exciting

Whether you’re training, fighting, or simply looking to get fit, now you can make every punch more powerful with the Wearable Boxing Sport & Fitness Tracker from Everlast and PIQ. Throw a punch and it instantly tells you how hard and fast you threw it. Vary your punches and it counts each one by type. It even reads your reaction time. Talk about sports intelligence.

This innovative boxing sensor provides real-time actionable information you can use to improve every punch. It points out your Winning Factors and areas to improve. And, all the details about your punch technique are presented through the PIQ app dashboard, which logs your daily, weekly or monthly performance. Compare your performance round after round, or day-by-day. Share your data with your coach to create targeted training plans. You even get access to an online community where you can share results and see how you stack up in the rankings.

Tracking your performance makes training, working out and competing more fun and exciting. Boxing benefits aside, this fitness tracker also monitors calories burned during a cardio workout.

It’s easy to setup. One size fits all. Just attach it to the hand wrap and strap it around your preferred wrist. It starts tracking data right away. And, you can hit as hard as you like. The tracker sensor is shock-resistant, waterproof, lightweight and ultra thin.

You know Everlast as the leader in boxing, MMA, and fitness equipment. And PIQ has changed the game with their innovative sports trackers and apps. Now, they’ve teamed up to deliver the most advanced boxing sensor system ever. And, you’re the one who wins.

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