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Easy on the Eyes: The 6 Best Lamps for Sensitive Peepers

* Options to help reduce visual fatigue
* Adjustable, dimmable
* Smart design and innovative style

The world is filled with visual pollution that puts wear and tear on your eyes. So, anything you can do to reduce it helps. One smart way to go easy on your eyes is to use lights for sensitive eyes, which have no glare and don’t flicker. Plus they’re dimmable and can be adjusted so the light doesn’t shine right in your eyes. Here are the six best we found.


Modern style meets modern care in the TOPSHARP LED Desk Lamp. It features a silica gel lamp pole that bends enough to give you 360-degrees of illumination. Turn it on and off with the touch sensor dimmer switch, and adjust the light to where your eyes feel comfortable. No more pain and strain.


2. HQOON Desktop Lamp

The HQOON Desktop Lamp was designed to create high quality, healthy lighting for you. It features warming, cooling and natural light settings, which you can easily control on the sensitive touch panel. A smart solution for college students and office workers.

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It’s small, it’s stylish and it’s an eye saver. The INVICTUS LED Desk Lamp lets you control the intensity and the angle of the light, so you can get it just how you like. Even better, the bulb burns for 50,000 hours.


4. SunLabz Energy-Saving LED Desk Lamp

The SunLabz Energy-Saving LED Desk Lamp is twice as nice because it features twin heads that swivel on the neck for superior lighting position flexibility. And you can choose light colors to suit your mood, natural, white or yellow.


5. LEDPOWER Desk Lamp

Relieve visual fatigue with the LEDPOWER Desk Lamp. It products soft, flicker-free lighting that actually protects your eyes while reading, working and studying. And the efficient, energy friendly LED uses 75% less power.


6. TaoTronics Eye-Care Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics Eye-Care Desk Lamp creates a wider, more uniform light that is friendlier on the eyes. It has three light modes and five dimmable level settings, so you can adjust it for reading, relaxing or bedtime.

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