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A Sight for Sore Eyes: The Naipo Breo Eye Massager

* Wireless for easy, portable use
* Ergonomically designed with adjustable strap and bendable eye frame
* Promotes eye health with soothing air pressure and infrared heat

If you’ve ever logged long hours at the computer, or spent prolonged amounts of time studying or reading, you’ve probably experienced the pain of eye strain — and everything else that comes with it. Dry eyes, aching temples and even sinus pressure are just some of the side effects of stressed vision, and exactly why it may be time to pick up the Naipo Breo Eye Massager.

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Equipped with heating and music, these space age-looking goggles work to relieve pain and promote healthy eyes through the use of gentle vibrations, air pressure and far infrared heating. You can choose to use just one of these modes, or all three at once. The vibrations and air pressure massage your eyes and temples, while the warmth of far infrared loosens and relaxes the muscles and helps circulation.

This eye massager is wireless and powers up with the included USB charger, freeing you to use the device anywhere you take it. The ergonomically-designed eye frame and adjustable strap work together to form a comfortable fit, letting you enjoy the experience without having to repeatedly re-position the massager, or worse – having it pinch and cause even more muscle tension.

Three timed settings allow you to unwind in intervals of 10, 15 or 20 minutes, so if you become so relaxed you fall asleep, the massager turns itself off.

For those who spend extended periods of the day using their sight in hyper-focused capacities or just looking for a way to maintain happy, healthy eyes, you’ll find an intelligently designed solution here.

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