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These 4 Facial Massagers Can Actually Help Relieve Sinus Pressure and Migraines

* Facial massages provide a range of anti-aging and skin care benefits
* They can also effectively deal with sinus pressure and migraine pain
* These handheld massagers provide easy treatment at home or on the go

Face massagers are one of the few pleasures in life. But did you know they are actually beneficial for you, too? Aside from the obvious enjoyment that comes from a facial massage, there are a number of lesser known benefits to rubbing your face. In addition to the pleasant experience, face massages using a face roller provide anti-aging benefits thanks to the increased circulation your skin experiences. This in turn leaves your skin looking younger and full of life.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Facial massage and face rollers also provide relief from sinus pain and migraines thanks to the subtle acupressure of the movements. This is especially true if the face massager uses an ice-cold roller. The mix of pressure and temperature really make a difference to pain levels. So, if you frequently suffer from headaches or hate the annual winter cold, try one of these 4 facial massagers and get a bit of relief as soon as the symptoms start.

1. ESARORA Ice Roller


is ideal for use just after you wake up for an early morning perk up or as a way of reducing facial dropsy before you apply your makeup. The cooling roller acts to constrict blood vessels, tighten pores and strengthen the collagen fibers in your skin to leave it looking smooth and refreshed. This cooling effect also helps to prevent wrinkles, improve dried skin areas and reduces fatigue and tension when the roller is worked over the eye socket area. In addition, this chilled roller can offer relief from burns on your skin and fever-like symptoms.

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2. WellSmart Pro Sinus & Migraine Massager

With its small yet effective design, the

provides a simple way to target your sinus and migraine pain. By working the device over your forehead, nasal passages, cheekbones, eyes or wherever you’re experiencing pain, you’ll enjoy instant relief. The ball and socket massager is constructed from high-quality materials and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. In addition, you’ll find 2 massagers inside this pack, which means you can keep one for work and one for home and always have a way to relief when you need it.

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3. Yeamon 2-in-1 Beauty Bar

If you like variation when it comes to facial massages, then the

could be the choice for you. With its interchangeable heads, you’ll be able to pick between the T-shaped and V-shaped options. No matter what you decide, you’ll enjoy tighter skin, a lightening of your dark circles, skin smoothing and wrinkle removal all thanks to the device’s 6000 vibrations per minute. The Beauty Bar is also waterproof and sports a portable size, so you can always keep it with you.

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4. Vanity Planet Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller

By improving blood circulation, reducing redness and irritation of the skin and minimizing the appearance of large pores, the

is ideal for keeping your skin in great shape. Its effectiveness is maximized by the coolness of the roller, which should be stored in the freezer until use. The small and lightweight design makes it ideal for taking with you wherever you go to help you deal with any unexpected head pains. In addition, the temperature of the roller can also be used for relief from bug bites, sunburn or tight muscles after a tough workout.

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