This Is The Coolest Facial Massager Ever… Literally

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* Reduces swelling and relieves pain
* Cools and soothes as it massages
* Helps with headaches

Forget the cold cloth or freezing your hands off with ice packs. If you want a better way to reduce swelling and relieve pain, start using the ESARORA Ice Roller. All you have to do is take it out of the freezer and attach the handle. You’ll instantly feel the cooling, calming massage you crave as you roll it over your face and body.

Compact and easy-to-use, the ESARORA Ice Roller offers so many benefits. To start, it’s essential right after you take a shower. That’s because the warm water causes pores to open, which allows dirt to get in. But, the Ice Roller’s cooling touch contracts blood vessels to tighten pores for serious complexion protection.

This massaging roller also strengthens collagen fibers to help firm up skin and smooth away wrinkles and crow’s feet. Roll it around your eye sockets and temples to relive fatigue. ESARORA’s cooling effect also helps calm skin and reduce burns after sun exposure. Plus, it alleviates neck and facial redness while cooling you down if you’re experiencing menopause.

This is an ideal way to help with headaches, especially if you’d rather not take pills. Just roll it across your forehead and temples. The massaging feels so good. And, the cooling helps you relax without giving you the brain freeze that comes with regular ice packs. The smart roller design allows you to massage your entire face and large areas of the body smoothly and effortlessly in no time.