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Lived-In Review: An At-Home Workout Designed By a Pro Boxer

* At-home workouts are great for shaping up on your own time
* You can exercise at your own pace and track your progress
* FightCamp is changing the way we think about in-home fitness

Traditional home fitness systems like the treadmill or stationary bike are going extinct at the hands of more holistic at-home workout programs. That summer body is now way more achievable on your own time and on your own terms. FightCamp is a great example that shows us how an intense, yet fun, training program can be integrated into your life seamlessly. Now is the time to get started on a workout program like this in order to look great for upcoming summer celebrations, and I had a chance to talk to the man behind this at-home boxing program about how it all works.


FightCamp is a boxing program that puts the gym and the trainer in your home for an easy-to-follow and professionally-crafted boxing workout. When you join FightCamp you get a standing bag, a workout mat, hand wraps, gloves and the punch trackers that contain the same tech that the professionals fighters are using to train today.

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Follow the workouts provided to you via the FightCamp app that will be displayed on your TV or computer. They are more than just workouts though. The trainers work with you on proper punching technique and combos. They are with you 100% of the way, which makes it easy for anyone to join, whether you’re an amateur boxer looking for a good at-home training system, or if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life and are looking to try something new.

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These workouts are not like your typical stationary cardio machines. Anyone who has boxed before knows how much a two to three-minute round will make you hurt. The dynamic workouts aren’t just throwing punches either. There are plenty of modified body weight exercises geared toward boxing that you do in-between rounds. These engaging workouts will have you coming back for more each and everyday.



Once you get your equipment set up in your space at home, put your gloves on and allow the punch tracker technology to sync to your FightCamp app and connect your device to your TV. This will allow you to pull up all the professionally designed workouts featuring your trainers who are all former professional boxers. Your punch count is displayed on the TV along with your clock for each round. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your progress throughout the workout and challenge yourself to do push harder than the previous round.

One of the things that sets FightCamp apart is the sense of community you establish with other users and the trainers. Throughout your training, you can check the leaderboards for specific workouts and see how you rank in comparison to all the other FightCamp participants in terms of punches thrown. It gives you that sense of competition right from your living room that you would typically only find in a studio boxing gym setting. The other important part of the community is your trainers. They share their stories about where they came from and how they got into boxing. They share their why in the hopes that it might resonate with your story and maybe provide you with a why to help you stick it to your workouts. Co-Founder of FightCamp and former U.S. National Boxing Team member Tommy Duquette says, “Our mission as a company is to inspire the fighter within.”


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I am someone who frequents the gym and this workout system had me gassed by the end of the 15-minute workout, but the system has the flexibility to be adjusted to fit anyone’s level of fitness. You get to choose how many rounds you want to do, the length of each round, and if you want to include body weight exercises or not. “FightCamp is the world’s largest boxing gym,” is how Duquette puts it. He helped me get set up on my first try with FightCamp.

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A cool part of the program: there are common body weight exercises that we all know of, yet FightCamp has added a boxing variation to each of them that will engage fast-twitch muscle fibers that the common way would never hit. If some of these boxing variations are too hard for you, your trainer on-screen shows you how to modify that movement to make it easier for the user who needs to ease into some of the more complex movements.

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FightCamp is a dynamic at-home workout system that will certainly yield that tight and aesthetic body you are looking for this summer. As for Duquette, he says he’s learning just as much from developing the program as users are from doing it. “Training others was a great means to an end while I was fighting as it worked with my training schedule,” he says, “but I never anticipated being able to help others train at this capacity. That’s why I keep doing it and that’s what makes this program so special.”

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