10 Things You Need For Your First Day At The Gym

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* Make your first day at the gym more productive by planning ahead
* These accessories will work for every workout
* Don’t forget to re-fuel and re-hydrate

It can be daunting to decide how to go about your first day at the gym but the important thing is that you go. Still, knowing what to do and what to bring is a big part of the process.

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Should everything be as basic as possible so you can easily get through the day? Or should you bring the most hardcore items to look like a legit gym-goer? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these 10 items that will make your first day at the gym productive and stress-free.

1. Gym Bag

This Under Armour gym bag is such a convenient option for first-time gym-goers because it’s not too big yet it has enough room for all your essentials. It’s a nice sackpack that you can easily carry on your shoulders, and it’s equipped with pockets you can use to pack anything from your clothes, to shaker bottles, to more important smaller items, such as your keys. Considering it’s your first day, you won’t be taking a lot of equipment so this bag suits every first gym-goer’s needs.

gym-bag-under-armour Image Courtesy of Amazon

Under Armour Undeniable Sackpack


2. Mat

One of the most common pieces of equipment people take with them to the gym is a yoga mat. Mats are a must to create your own space for your workouts and they are very versatile to use. The more experienced you get at the gym, the more you’ll see the different ways you can use your mats. Check out the YogaAccessories Thick High Density Deluxe Non Slip Exercise Pilates & Yoga Mat. It’s got a 4.5 star rating from almost 2300 reviews online, and  people are saying the double-sided texture provides the perfect amount of cushion and stability to not slip. 

best yoga mat Image Courtesy of Amazon

YogaAccessories High Density Exercise Mat



3. Towel

You can’t always count on the gym to provide you with all the necessary equipment including something so simple as towels. Make sure to bring one because you will get in a good sweat session while you’re there. Grab this anti-bacterial and anti-odor towel that’s going to give you extra motivation with its “SWOL” graphic.

[caption id="attachment_106579" align="aligncenter" width="644"]best gym towel swol Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Comfortable and Stylish Workout Clothes

This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by how many people go to the gym with the wrong workout clothes. Depending on your workout plan — more on that later — you’re going to need a supportive gym top and bottom. We got you covered, though, with Under Armour gear. The brand’s light-weight and stretchy fabric is great for both supportive tops and flexible leggings, which will allow you the mobility you need to really get the best out of your workout.

under armour leggings gym clothes Image Courtesy of Amazon

Under Armour Women's Fly-By Legging


5. Hair Ties

For a girl, one of the most frustrating things that can happen at the gym is forgetting your hair tie. While there are some girls who can handle hair in their face while working out, generally, it’s best to have your hair pulled back to avoid any distractions from your workout. Check out these hair ties that come in sets of 100 and that will hold ponytails from thin to thick hair.

best hair ties for working out Image Courtesy of Amazon

Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Elastics



6. Sweat Bands

Aside from hair ties, you will definitely need some sweat bands, as they are another way of helping you stay dry and fresh while working out. This Beace Fitness set comes with non-slip sweat bands and wrist bands so you can keep sweat away from your eyes and wrists, which will have you focusing more on your workout and less on how sweaty you look and feel.

best sweat bands for working out Image Courtesy of Amazon

Beace Sweatband Set



7. Water Bottle

It’s no news that water is essential when you’re at the gym, but exactly how much is enough? Fitness experts believe one gallon of water each day should be the goal, but it could be too much at the start for a beginner. That’s why this Cool Gear Water Bottle is your go-to when you’re in and out of the gym. It’ll hold plenty of water to start with, along with a straw and a removable ice pack to keep your water cool.

best water bottle for workouts Image Courtesy of Amazon

Cool Gear 75 oz EZ Freeze Water Bottle


8. Headphones

You can’t forget the most motivational part of hitting the gym – music. With these Hussar Wireless and Waterproof Sports Earphones, you can listen to your gym anthem without even feeling the earphones in your ears because of the secure fit. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pouring sweat on them because of their silicone gel surface, which repels moisture. These are the best-selling earphones on Amazon with more than 6400 reviews.

best wireless headphones for the gym Image Courtesy of Amazon

Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones

$19.59 $22.99 15% OFF


9. Your Workout Plan

One of the biggest mistakes new gym-goers do is not have a plan. We get how it could be a little confusing in the actual planning and you’re not sure where to start. A resourceful tool you can invest in is a planner which will keep you accountable as opposed to just having the plan in your head. Check out this Fit Book that includes a variety of ways to log in workouts and meals along with motivational quotes and room to write down your thoughts on your progress.

gym planner fitness tracker Image Courtesy of Amazon

Fitlosophy Fitbook

$18.67 $25.99 28% OFF


10. Protein Bar/Snack

It’s important to refuel before, during, or after your workout to achieve the best results. A protein bar will do the job because you don’t want something too heavy where you feel too full to workout, but you also want enough to feel energized.  Try Quest Nutrition Protein Bars which are high in fiber, gluten free and have just the right amount of macro-nutrients to support your progress.

quest-nutrition-blueberry-muffin-protein-bar Image Courtesy of GNC

Quest Blueberry Muffin Protein Bar


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