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Stay in Shape With the Fit Gym Ball Chair

Millions of office workers suffer from chronic back pain due to prolonged sitting. Fortunately, there are some innovative chair alternatives on the market that are revolutionizing the way we do office work. Change the way you work with the “Fit Gym” yoga ball chair from Sharper Image.

This ergonomic, inflatable chair positions you 22-inches from the ground. The back support allows you to lean back in comfort while still strengthening your core. When you feel comfortable enough to sit without the back support, you can easily remove the panel. It’s comfort with a core work out, in the form of a chair!

Those who tend to slouch will experience their spines realign with regular use. People who complain of low energy or restlessness will see an automatic boost in energy and mood with just a few weeks on the ball. It’s one of the best things you can do for your back.

Discover stomach muscles you never knew you had with the Fit Gym Ball Chair. As you balance in your chair completing your normal tasks, you’re actually strengthening and toning your core and burning calories. Priced at just $149.99, you’re not only saving money on a new chair, but also on a gym membership.

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