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Fit for Beauty: 4 Best Necklaces for Your FitBit

* Four non-wrist alternatives to wearing your FitBit
* Intelligent designs make it look like you’re not even wearing a fitness tracker
* Stylish necklaces provide a mix of function and fashion

Whether it’s the unsightly tans lines or the general discomfort that wristwear brings, not everyone enjoys sporting a FitBit. To solve this problem, we’ve compiled a list of four alternatives to your standard fitness tracker wristband. Here you’ll find FitBit accessories that not only house your device, but look fashionable at the same time.

1. Fitbit Flex 2 Silicone Clip Holder

This silicone holder is great for clipping to your neck band. Alternatively, hang it on your shirt, socks or shoelaces using the easy-to-fit magnetic clasp. Available in a variety of attractive colors, you can find the perfect match for your workout outfit.

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2. The KIM Etched Gold Statement Necklace

A gold statement necklace is the ideal way to look fashionable while keeping track of your step progress. With an eye-catching design, this classy piece of neckwear can be worn with or without your FitBit. It blends beautifully with a professional or dressy outfit.

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3. Gold Necklace SOMA

The SOMA  pendant necklace transforms your fitness tracker into a fashionable piece of neckwear. With this stainless steel necklace, the indicator lights from the Fitbit also remain visible through the pendant, making sure you stay wholly informed.

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4. Fitbit Flex 2 Lariat Pendant Necklace

The Lariat pendant is a stainless steel necklace that provides a safe and hidden vessel for your Fitbit device. With a beautifully crafted design, this simple jewelry holder hangs gracefully from the neck and blends well with both daytime and nighttime outfits.

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