The Best Fitbit Alternatives for Every Price Point

fitbit alternatives
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Fitbit’s brand is so strong that it’s basically become a shorthand, catch-all name for an entire market of fitness trackers. However, there are other Fitbit alternatives on the market that are worth seeking out and giving a spin. A fitness tracker’s core functionality concerns tracking your heart rate, sleep schedule, and calorie burn — anything else is a cherry on top of a very tasty cake. 

As you’ll see below, there’s an entire industry dedicated to ensuring you know exactly where you are in your workout, allowing you to either slow it down or speed it up depending on the information provided. And as nice as Fitbits might be, there’s plenty of other really nice activity trackers out there to consider too. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up nine Fitbit alternatives to help you reach that new personal record.


1. Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch


Far from cheap but high on features, if you can afford to shell out $500 for a smart watch, you should end your search now and pick up the Suunto 7. With a battery life that boasts up to two days worth of juice, over 70 different sport modes to track nearly every possible activity and help from Google Assistant, you’ll be glad you have this nifty (and handsome-looking) gadget strapped to your wrist.

We love the Suunto 7 as a Fitbit alternative because not only does it handle any and all of our fitness tracking, it also frees us of our wallets (thanks Google Pay), and looks damn good while doing all of it.

 Suunto 7 fitbit alternative Courtesy of Amazon


2. Apple Watch Series 5 Fitness Tracker


The Apple Watch arguably started the wearables trend just as much — if not more — than Fitbit and with the Series 5, well, the King stays the King. A lot of the issues early adopters had with the watch, mostly that the UI was really slow, has been virtually eliminated; this thing really moves now, bolstered by its now “always on” retina display. It works seamlessly with all of your other Apple products, which only works to further its cause. It’s Waterproof, boats fitness tracking capabilities and has tons of dedicated smartwatch applications. The only thing missing at this point is your wrist. 

Apple Watch Series 5 Courtesy of Amazon


3. Samsung Galaxy Fit Fitness Tracker


In the same way that the Apple Watch is a perfect companion for Apple users, the Samsung Galaxy Fit just works better with Android devices. With its automatic exercise detection, there’s no need to worry about selecting a given activity, as the Galaxy Fit’s tech is capable of recognizing how you’re working out and tracking it accordingly. Additionally, it’s rich color display stays fully activated at all times and provides all the info you need to keep track of at a glance. Oh, and a single charge yields a full week’s worth of wear  — which means you can spend more time doing and less time waiting around for a charge. It’s a fantastic fitness tracker and is especially great for those already on the Android platform.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Courtesy of Amazon


4. Lintelek Fitness Tracker


Flagged as one of Amazon’s Best Selling products, the Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a fantastic entry-level Fitbit alternative and value purchase. Essentially a clone of the standard Fitbit, it accomplishes all of the same tasks (steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, sleep monitor, and so on) but at a price point that’s easy on the wallet. Plus, with a variety of color options, there’s a choice that’s sure to reflect your own individual personality.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Courtesy of Amazon


5. Garmin Venu Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


If you already have a solid fitness tracker or smartwatch and are looking to take that next step, Garmin’s Venu smartwatch should be where you land. Its bright and beautiful AMOLED touchscreen rivals that of Apple’s Retina display, showing off all kinds of important visual details — including step-by-step guides for their pre-loaded exercise routines. Additionally, the watch has built-in storage, which means you can download your favorite Spotify workout playlist and leave your phone behind during your run. Standard tracking features like sleep schedule, heart rate, calories burned and so on are all accounted for here, too.

Garmin Venu Smartwatch Courtesy of Amazon


6. Letsfit Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


If you want a smartwatch that’s not priced at the same range as the Apple Watch or Garmin, Letsfit’s Smartwatch is an affordable and worthy alternative. While the display isn’t quite as vibrant or rich as other smartwatches, it does quickly convey all the pertinent information needed at just a quick glance. Its built-in GPS feature means you don’t need to carry your phone when you go for a run, its 5ATM waterproofing means you can get laps in without worrying about water damage and a two-hour charge is enough to power the watch for up to 15 days of continuous use.

Letsfit Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Courtesy of Amazon


7. Suunto 3 Sports Smartwatch


Suunto’s products are beloved by hardcore enthusiasts for how reliable and well-made they are. The Suunto 3 Sports smartwatch is the version that’s best suited to tracking basic exercise routines, as well as customizing your own. The watch can actually serve you dedicated and personalized training plans, while also having pre-set modes for beloved activities like running, cycling, yoga, lifting, and so on. And with its five-day battery life, you can keep the fitness fun going and going.

Suunto 3 Sports Smartwatch Courtesy of Amazon

8. Polar A370 Fitness Tracker


The Polar A370 fitness tracker looks and functions almost exactly like your standard Fitbit does, right down to the sporty rubber band, vivid display, and overall look. Sadly, the A370 doesn’t have GPS by itself, so you’ll need to carry your phone with you on runs in order to glean that information, but it does provide continuous heart rate monitoring. In addition to that fitness tracking, it also provides an analysis of your sleep patterns to help you rest easier.

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Courtesy of Amazon


9. Garmin vívoactive 4S Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


For those who want a fashion-forward wearable, the Garmin vívoactive 4S Smartwatch is the only choice. The jet black version, in particular, is a sleek addition to any outfit, whether in the board room or the gym. Much like the Venu, the watch has a number of included and instructional videos to walk you through individual routines and training applications. All the health tracking features you’d anticipate in something like an Apple Watch are also present, including sleep. Oh, and it’s an Amazon’s Choice product, giving it another bit of cred in case you weren’t already swayed. 

Garmin vívoactive 4S Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Courtesy of Amazon


10. LETSCOM Smartwatch Fitness Tracker



We’re not entirely sure how LETSCOM managed to make such a vibrant smartwatch at such a low price point, but sometimes you just don’t ask questions. Another Amazon’s Choice product, this Smartwatch features an LCD touchscreen that mimics that of an Apple Watch, but with a battery life that absolutely crushes the competition (10 days!). With built-in heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, calorie counting, and so on — at a cost that’s about as much as a monthly gym membership — it’s a fantastic alternative.

LETSCOM Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Courtesy of Amazon