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The Best Fitbit Alternatives for Every Price Point

Fitbit’s brand is so strong that it’s basically become a shorthand, catch-all name for an entire market of fitness trackers. Even the best Fitbit alternatives are playing in the brand’s shadow.

However, there are plenty of worthy Fitbit alternatives on the market, from budget options under $50 to more advanced trackers with super high-tech tracking capabilities.

A fitness tracker’s core functionality concerns tracking the following:

  • Heart rate and O2 levels
  • Activities (not just steps)
  • Sleep
  • Recovery

Fitbit alternatives come in a few different styles. Some of the most popular are watch-style trackers like the Garmin Fenix 6 or the newer Suunto 9, which often have additions like music streaming capabilities, barometers and advanced GPS features. For people who don’t like a big watch face clunking around while working out, Fitbit alternatives like Whoop Strap forgo the display entirely for a more comfortable, yet robust fitness tracking experience, but you’re left without those extra features like with the Fenix or Apple Watch.

As you’ll see below, there’s an entire industry dedicated to ensuring you know exactly where you are in your workout, allowing you to either slow it down or speed it up depending on the information provided. And as nice as Fitbits might be, there’s plenty of other really nice activity trackers out there to consider, too. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best Fitbit alternatives to help you reach that new personal record.


1. SUUNTO 9 Baro & Peak, GPS Sports Watch


Far from cheap but high on features, if you can afford to shell out $570 for a smartwatch, you should end your search now and pick up the Suunto 9. With a battery life that boasts up to 25 hours worth of juice, over 80 different sport modes to track nearly every possible activity, you’ll be glad you have this nifty (and handsome-looking) gadget strapped to your wrist.

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2. Garmin Fenix 6 Series


With the Garmin Fenix 6 series, not only do you have a great-looking, stylish watch that you can sport with your best attire, you also have top-tier fitness tracking capabilities. It tracks your heart rate, even underwater, so you can track your health stats even while you swim. Speaking of tracking activities, it has preloaded profiles so you can track everything from golfing to running. And when you do go running, you can ditch your phone and listen to music straight from your watch.

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3. Whoop Strap 3.0


One of the most popular Fitbit alternatives right now is the Whoop Strap. This strap forgoes any sort of display on the wristband for state-of-the-art fitness tracking technology. With a membership to Whoop and a smartphone, you get in-depth analysis on not only your daily fitness habits but also your sleep patterns and how long you should take to recover between workouts. The Whoop Strap puts your overall wellness front and center.

Because of the lack of display, you’ll sacrifice notifications and other features you’ll get with a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Suunto 9. However, the low cost of $30/month and holistic approach to fitness tracking make this an attractive alternative to Fitbit.

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Courtesy of Whoop

4. Apple Watch Series 7


The Apple Watch arguably started the wearables trend just as much — if not more — than Fitbit and with the Series 7, well, the King stays the King. A lot of the issues early adopters had with the watch, mostly that the UI was really slow, has been virtually eliminated; this thing really moves now, bolstered by its now “always-on” retina display. It works seamlessly with all of your other Apple products, which only works to further its cause. It’s Waterproof, boasts fitness tracking capabilities and has tons of dedicated smartwatch applications. The only thing missing at this point is your wrist.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Fit Fitness Tracker


In the same way that the Apple Watch is a perfect companion for Apple users, the Samsung Galaxy Fit just works better with Android devices. With its automatic exercise detection, there’s no need to worry about selecting a given activity, as the Galaxy Fit’s tech is capable of recognizing how you’re working out and tracking it accordingly. Additionally, its rich color display stays fully activated at all times and provides all the info you need to keep track of at a glance. Oh, and a single charge yields a full week’s worth of wear  — which means you can spend more time doing and less time waiting around for a charge. It’s a fantastic fitness tracker and is especially great for those already on the Android platform.

Bottom line: If you prefer Android devices to Apple products, the Galaxy Fit is one of the best Fitbit alternatives you’ll find.

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6. Coros Apex


The Coros Apex might be the fitness tracker you’ve never heard of before, but it is one that is filled with premium fitness tracking ability. For starters, you can squeeze out 30 days of battery life on regular use (35 hours when using GPS). And feel free to explore new places without the worry of getting lost with preloaded breadcrumb trails. You can even create complete workouts based on your fitness levels, so you can train to get the most out of your abilities.

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7. Garmin Vivosmart 4


When it comes to the best Fitbit alternatives, our list is dominated by Garmin. The brand makes a variety of worthy fitness trackers in a range of styles and price points. And for those who don’t like a big watch face strapped to their wrist when working out, consider the Garmin Vivosmart 4. Available in five different colors, the Vivosmart 4 can track everything from your blood oxygen saturation levels to your REM sleep. Plus it is waterproof, so you can track your swims as well. Even though it isn’t a watch, you can still receive all of your phone’s notifications and texts on the Vivosmart 4. And perhaps the best part, you can get all of this fitness tracking for under $100.

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8. Garmin Forerunner 35


Even though this is a little bit of an older fitness tracker, it is still one of the most popular options. It’s inexpensive, and still features top-of-the-line fitness tracking as well as the ability to control your music from your watch without reaching for your phone during your workouts. And when you connect it to the Garmin App, it will automatically download all of your fitness stats for the day. If you’re looking to save a little coin on a great fitness tracker, the Forerunner 35 is a smart choice.

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9. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2


When your kiddo wants to join in on the fitness tracking party, strap on a Vivofit Jr. 2 to their wrists. Not only can the little ones track their daily activity and steps, but you can also set reminders and timers for them to start their chores or do homework.  It’s available in a handful of Disney themes like Frozen, Star Wars and Marvel to match their little personalities. It can be your little secret assistant to help keep your kids’ healthy physically and mentally.

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Garmin Venu Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


If you already have a solid fitness tracker or smartwatch and are looking to take that next step, Garmin’s Venu smartwatch should be where you land. Its bright and beautiful AMOLED touchscreen rivals that of Apple’s Retina display, showing off all kinds of important visual details — including step-by-step guides for their pre-loaded exercise routines. Additionally, the watch has built-in storage, which means you can download your favorite Spotify workout playlist and leave your phone behind during your run. Standard tracking features like sleep schedule, heart rate, calories burned and so on are all accounted for here, too.

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11. Polar A370 Fitness Tracker


The Polar A370 fitness tracker looks and functions almost exactly like your standard Fitbit does, right down to the sporty rubber band, vivid display, and overall look. Sadly, the A370 doesn’t have GPS by itself, so you’ll need to carry your phone with you on runs in order to glean that information, but it does provide continuous heart rate monitoring. In addition to that fitness tracking, it also provides an analysis of your sleep patterns to help you rest easier.

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12. Garmin vívoactive 4S Smartwatch Fitness Tracker


For those who want a fashion-forward wearable, the Garmin vívoactive 4S Smartwatch is the only choice. The jet black version, in particular, is a sleek addition to any outfit, whether in the board room or the gym. Much like the Venu, the watch has a number of included and instructional videos to walk you through individual routines and training applications. All the health tracking features you’d anticipate in something like an Apple Watch are also present, including sleep. Oh, and it’s an Amazon’s Choice product, giving it another bit of cred in case you weren’t already swayed. 

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13. Oura Ring


The latest fitness tracker on the market is the third generation Oura Ring and it does more than analyze your heart rate and sleep. It turns all of your information into data you can use to better your overall health, and who doesn’t need that in this day and age? Let the Oura Ring take care of the data while you workout, rest, and repeat. With 4-7 days of battery life, lighter than your average ring, and water resistance up to 100 meters, this ring is more than your average fitness tracker.

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Courtesy of Oura Ring


14. Polar Ignite 2 Fitness Watch


Unlike the Polar fitness tracker listed above, this Polar watch has many features compatible with workout data, heart rate, and GPS. A great alternative to the Fitbit, Polar has become a popular off-brand choice in the fitness industry. With personalized guidance and recommendations based on your fitness goals and daily habits, this watch will take you to the next level of being healthy. It comes in champagne, rose gold, and black.

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Courtesy of Polar


15. WYZE Band 


Amazon’s Alexa takes over in the Wyze Band that monitors your activities, tracks your fitness, and has a few other cool features that may make you take it into consideration. With a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, and Alexa of course, this band becomes an overall leader in the household by syncing with other Alexa products. Control your home from your wrist with this easy-to-use Fitbit alternative.

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16. Garmin Lily Sport Edition


The Garmin Lily tracks your heart rate, sleep levels, rest intervals, and so much more. With unique wireless earbuds included with your purchase, this fitness watch is a great deal for sports enthusiasts who are intent on bettering their health. This watch would make an excellent gift for any active friend or family member. With its smart touchscreen, you can keep track of important fitness levels at all times of the day.

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