These Best-Selling Fitness Journals Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals In Time For Summer

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* Now’s the time to start weight loss programs to get your summer beach bod
* These fitness journals are a great way to track progress and stay focused
* Journal choices focus on diet, workouts, wellness and a mix of all three

If you are looking to be in the best shape for summer, now is the time to start putting your plan into action. While a positive mental attitude is a great starting point, what’s really going to make the difference is being able to stick to your plan and achieve your day-to-day goals. A great way to do this is to have a friend or partner alongside you, providing daily support and a team ethic. However, that isn’t always possible. For that reason, we recommend having a fitness pal in the form of a journal.

Fitness journals are an easy way to keep notes on your goals and progress. These books give you a physical record of what you’re trying to achieve, making it a more serious game than simply saying “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be healthier.” Plus, they give you a point to work from any time you start to wonder if all the effort is really worth it. In fact, many personal trainers use such journals to track the progress of and motivate their clients.

We’ve put together five fitness journal options with a choice for every kind of goal-setter. There’s an option for those looking for a more gym-based focus, a choice for a balance between diet and exercise and even one for people who prefer to focus on wellness and maintaining a positive outlook.

1. Get Fit Notebooks 90 Days Exercise & Diet Journal

In this Get Fit Notebooks journal , you’ll always have a motivating companion during your 90-day diet and exercise journey. The pages allow you to record a whole range of information, including your food intake, total calories for the day, water consumption and even how you feel. You’ll also find divider pages to record your major body measurements like your chest, belly and BMI (Body Mass Index). Finally, there are pages throughout for noting down your exercise and general activity.

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2. Happy Books Hub Hello New Me

The Happy Books Hub Hello New Me  boasts pages that provide all the space you need for jotting down your daily meals, water intake and exercise. There’s also a happiness marker and a space at the bottom of every page to make a note of a small improvement to aim for the following day. What’s particularly great about this journal is that it also gives you a tick-off box page to focus on a new habit you want to acquire during the 90-day process, allowing you to make long-term goals.

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3. Memory Minder Journals DIETMINDER

With over 550 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Memory Minder Journals DIETMINDER  is one of the most highly-rated options on our list. It features a three-part breakdown inside. The first of these is general information and inspiration, and the second is your goals and daily records. The third and final section focuses on any additional records, like food facts and weekly records. This journal can be used with almost any diet, and it contains all the information on how to the writing space in the most effective manner. Each day is spread across two pages and includes space for your food intake, supplements, exercise and daily totals.

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4. F.E. Wilkins BODYMINDER Workout and Exercise Journal

The F.E. Wilkins BODYMINDER Journal  is another well-reviewed and popular option for your summer weight loss goals. The small size is ideal for keeping inside your gym bag. Even so, it has 224 pages and a durable leatherette cover to last the distance. Furthermore, the BODYMINDER has an emphasis on your workouts and other exercise with each day appropriated a two-page spread for recording reps, sets, equipment and more. The journal, of course, also has space for food intake, but it really does so with less of an emphasis than the other options on the list. In addition, there’s a handy vinyl pocket for holding photos, note cards and other flat items.

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5. Life & Apples The Wellness Planner

For those who want a more well-rounded option with more emphasis on wellness, this Life & Apples planner might be the answer for you. Each two-page day spread includes space for a daily affirmation, things you’re grateful for, exercise notes, wellness reminders, food records and self-assessment. All of this information is finished off with an inspiring daily quote. Inside the planner, there’s also weekly reviews along with a pen holder, ribbon book markers and a handy storage pocket. In addition, the planner comes with downloadable printables for things like shopping lists as well as e-books on topics like meal planning.  

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