Fitness Mirrors Bring Studio-Quality Workouts Home to You in One Sleek, Streamlined Package

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Courtesy of Tempo
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When schedules are busy, days are jam-packed and to-do lists are never-ending the thing most of us want is for tasks to come to us. We want our food cooked for us, dry-cleaning delivered, gifts ordered + sent without you needing to wrap them and workouts done at home. Working out at a gym or studio is great and all, but it’s quite a time suck. By the time you drive to your go-to CrossFit gym, park, get checked in, workout, spend 5 minutes on a bench outside catching your breath, drive home and shower you’ve basically lost half your day. Working out at home isn’t just more convenient, it’s downright more efficient when you don’t have to spend time going to and from a studio and can step from your desk into your workout in five minutes or less. The latest gadget bringing the $30 workout class into your living room? Fitness mirrors. These high-tech, sleek smart fitness systems make weightlifting, HIIT, yoga and other workout classes easier and closer than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Mirrors

How Do Fitness Mirrors Work?

Fitness mirrors are mirrors you hang or mount in your home that appear like mirrors when turned off, therefore blending into the background of your interior design. When they're turned on, however, they stream in workout classes and because of the reflective surface you can view your form, power and poses easily. Some of them have AI functionality that enables auto-cueing of your form based on projected 3-D models of your body during certain movements, and others are rigged with 2-way cameras that sync up with personal trainers or instructors who can give you feedback in real time.

How Big Are Fitness Mirrors?

Fitness mirrors range in size, but most of them are between 50"-70" tall and a few feet wide. Since they're built to blend into your home they're not gigantic for the most part, but some of them contain storage units for equipment that increase their size a bit. Like any piece of fitness equipment, it's important to consider the amount of space you have before investing.

Is Installation Included When You Order a Fitness Mirror?

For the most part yes, expert installation is included in the cost. There are a few mirrors with exceptions to this, and I've highlighted that in their descriptions below. Without installation, you'll just need some brute strength to lift about 50 pounds off the ground and the ability to read and follow detailed instructions.

What Are the Perks of Owning a Fitness Mirror?

There are a few big perks to owning one of these fancy workout systems. They take up way less space than a treadmill or even cycling bike does, and can go anywhere in your home. They offer personalized instruction from a professional — so if working out intimidates you or you've been curious about weightlifting but are worried about hurting yourself, a fitness mirror might be perfect. They also look better when you're not using them and blend in with the rest of your decor, a great plus in this at-home workout era where you might not have a separate room to stash your gym equipment.

Fitness mirrors make sense as a logical next step for the at-home workout space as they open doors for versatility that treadmills, cycling bikes, rowers and other smart equipment can’t. All you can really do with a treadmill is run, all you can really do with a bike is ride — but with these fitness mirrors you can strength train, do yoga, get a sweat on in a pilates class or get a quick HIIT session in after work. They also, unlike some of the other equipment mentioned, don’t take up a bunch of space in your home. For the most part they hang on the wall and take up the same square footage as a large painting, so if you’ve got a spot in mind where you can spread a yoga mat out in front with no issue you can make it work.

A Note on Pricing

Another important factor when deciding if a fitness mirror is right for you, and if so which one, is price. I’m not going to beat around the bush — these are expensive luxury items. The least expensive one on this list is still well over $1,000 which justifiably is going to take most people out of the bucket of potential buyers. However, if you’re someone who loves hands-on instruction when working out but can’t always swing a personal trainer there actually could be a potential for money saved in this venture.

Let’s say you like to use a personal trainer twice a week, and each session is $100. If your fitness mirror costs $1,800 and comes with free personal instruction from expert trainers (which a few of these do), you’d pay off the cost in a few weeks. It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s pretty close, and with the convenience factor it becomes much more justifiable in the long run. As is always the case when investing in something super expensive, it’s important to analyze how it’s going to fit into your life. Are you going to use something like this? Where will it fit into your routine? Are you interested in the classes offered? If you are, then I invite you to explore the best fitness mirrors below and find the one that’s right for you. Worst case scenario it’ll look a lot more attractive sitting in your living room unused than an elliptical machine.

1. Tempo Studio


Picking the best fitness mirror between Tempo and Mirror was difficult, but I ultimately went with Tempo because of the included equipment. This is basically a comprehensive home gym package in one purchase, as it includes a barbell, full set of weights, dumbbells, a workout mat, recovery roller and heart rate monitor. Tempo’s technology uses 3D sensors that build a model of your body so the AI can automatically generate feedback for you while you move. Their machine builds a personalized program for you and gives you rep and weight amounts that will challenge without overwhelming. They also offer cardio, HIIT and mobility classes to compliment your routine and help you make well-rounded progress in addition to the weight lifting.

While technically this system isn’t a mirror, it’s even better due to the modeling the technology is able to do and feedback they’re able to give. This fitness mirror doesn’t lit flat against the wall as it includes space for storing weights, so just make sure you’ve got the space before clicking “Buy.”

GREAT FOR: Aspiring weightlifters, apartments with a little extra workout space, nervous gym-goers.

Tempo fitness mirror, best fitness mirrors Courtesy of Tempo Studio


2. The Mirror


You had to know this fitness system was going to show up on this list, right? I mean it’s kind of the namesake of the whole space — and it was the first fitness mirror to hop onto the scene in 2018. This is an actual mirror that’s marketed as being able to disappear into your space when you turn it off, which I love. Unlike other fitness equipment that sticks out and, no matter how well designed, is always a bit of an eye sore this piece would look great in a living room at any time. Beyond that, the mirror has advanced camera functionality that delivers adjustments throughout your workout based on your goals and offers a super wide variety of classes including yoga flows, kettlebell circuits, boxing, barre, bootcamp and more. The system doesn’t come with equipment, so if you don’t have your own consider the cost of new weights in your price analysis.

GREAT FOR: Those who already have equipment, fitness junkies who like a variety of classes, design-oriented individuals.

the mirror fitness program, fitness mirrors Courtesy of Mirror


3. NordicTrack Vault


Okay, this fitness mirror from NordicTrack is fancy and comprehensive AF, but it also looks amazing. It’s a full home gym “vault” with a fitness mirror on top that you open up to reveal your fitness supplies inside. The 60″ oversized mirror is a touchscreen so you can adjust settings while following the pros in their iFit program that’s chock-full of classes in everything from lifting to yoga, pilates, HIIT and even mindfulness. The reflective training on the screen allows you to follow the instructor’s form and keep all of your equipment organized inside. Speaking of equipment — the complete vault purchase comes with premium dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, blocks, a mat and a towel. This product hasn’t been released yet, but you can pre-order it on their site. This also means there aren’t a ton of reviews for this product yet. However, in light of NordicTrack’s track record in the fitness space for producing top-notch products I have immense faith this is going to be a worthwhile investment. The full gym setup costs $2,999.00 and you can also buy the standalone screen and vault to fill with your own equipment for $1,999.00.

GREAT FOR: If you want to purchase a whole home gym in one go, if you want top-notch guidance on your form, if you’ve got space for a larger storage unit behind the mirror itself.

NordicTrack fitness mirror Courtesy of NordicTrack


4. Tonal


If strength is the name of your game, then Tonal might be the fitness mirror you need in your life. This fitness mirror has a digital weight system built in that uses digital resistance and automatically adjusts to your strength level to help you build and reach your goals. With one system you can work upper body, lower body and everything in between while lifting up to 200 pounds in 1 pound increments. As someone who switches back and forth between weight often, this feature does sound intriguing, cutting out the need to buy, store and lug around dumbbells and plates of varying sizes.

After a strength assessment, the machine automatically increases your weight to help you progress, and since the resistance is produced via air compression there’s no momentum in your lift — giving you a better range of motion and more even-keeled strength training. The machine does offer classes that aren’t strength training, but since the weight functionality is its main selling point it doesn’t make sense to buy this unless lifting is a top priority for you workout-wise.

Tonal is a bit more expensive than other fitness mirrors, but since it includes a variety of strength moves and weights into its design the price is actually quite competitive.

GREAT FOR: Those who want to lift heavy and tone, people who have space to spread out on either side and in front of the mirror, people who don’t want to design their own weightlifting programs.

Tonal fitness mirror Courtesy of Tonal


5. Echelon Reflect


Echelon has also come out with their own version of a fitness mirror that only streams classes and is smaller than other models. It’s only 50″, so if the larger sizes intimidated you and you’d prefer something smaller this might be it. It also doesn’t come with any equipment, so if you’ve already got a collection of equipment you’ve acquired during quarantine this option also might be a great choice for you.

Echelon’s fitness mirror comes with a wide range of classes from cardio HIIT to boxing, strength, core, pilates and more. You can stream the Reflect fitness library with no app download required, and choose your workout easily on the sweat-proof, WiFi-enabled touchscreen.

One thing to note is Echelon does not provide professional installation with your purchase, but they make it a selling point that a specially-made bracket secures the Reflect to the wall, and no reviewers thus far have complained about installation being difficult.

GREAT FOR: Those with limited wall space, those who already have equipment, those who prefer to DIY install.

Echelon Reflect fitness mirror Courtesy of Echelon


6. Pro-Form Vue


I’m not going to give this mirror the “best budget” award since none of these are remotely budget items, but this one has the cheapest price and is a great value for what it offers. The Vue is a 22″ touchscreen that gives you a crystal clear view of your reflection while working out in the iFit library (yes, the same one NordicTrack uses). The mirror displays proper form via the classes and the mirror gives you a chance to mimic it. Your progress is recorded after every session and is used to influence future exercises. You can stream live and on-demand studio sessions from yoga to HIIT, and the mirror has included accessories including dumbbells, a barbell, weight plates, resistance bands and a yoga mat.

While it doesn’t have the advanced, form-adjusting technology that some of the other brands have it’s a great price for all the equipment you get. It’s also got access to the NordicTrack library within a much cheaper machine.

GREAT FOR: Those who want assurance they’re getting a good deal, those who like NordicTrack but don’t want to spend 3k, those who need the “mirror” in a fitness mirror.

Pro-Form vue fitness mirror Courtesy of Pro-Form


7. The Studio by Forme Life


This is a brand new product in the fitness mirror space that reviewers have regaled for its beautiful mirror design. Their mirrors were designed by an award-winning designer and connect clients directly to personal trainers for the body and mind. They work with fitness experts in LA to bring the best workouts with unique class names like “Kung Fu HIIT,” “Lower Body Love” and, simply, “Push It.” The 43″ mirror display reflects your form perfectly and is enabled for two-way interaction so you can get live feedback from your trainer. The mirror also comes with professional-grade speakers and voice control so you can pause mid-workout to make adjustments.

This is an impressive machine, theoretically. It’s hard to know until more people use it and review it — but if personal training is your jam and you want a beautiful piece of equipment it’s a great choice. They offer their standard mirror and then the Studio Lift that’s quite a bit more expensive and closely resembles the Tonal system in look and function.

GREAT FOR: Those who prefer personal trainers, those willing to spend a bit more on their equipment, those who want their mirror to be beautiful first and great for workouts second.

The Studio by Forme Life, best fitness mirrors Courtesy of Forme Life