Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution This Year With One of These Fitness Journals

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The decade might be changing but New Year’s resolutions stay the same. Fitness and dieting are still on the top of everyone’s to-do list in 2020, so we found one easy hack that will make fulfilling that resolution much easier: a fitness planner.

As we all know too well, sticking to New Year’s resolutions is much easier said than done (especially when it comes to exercise and healthy eating). There are a ton of methods for staying on track with a new workout routine, such as investing in new gear or finding a new gym. These are all good ideas, but the real problem with forming an exercise habit is planning your workouts and keeping track of progress. That’s where fitness planners come in.

Fitness planners offer a structured space for planning workouts, tracking meals, recording your progress and more. Some even offer motivational boosts and workout ideas, making them great gym companions — no matter what kind of exercise you’re doing. Plus, unlike gym memberships and new clothing, these workout journals are affordable, starting at less than $10.

Below are some of the best workout journals you can order on Amazon. Pick up one for 2020, or gift one to a friend to help with their New Year’s resolution.


1. BODYMINDER Workout & Exercise Journal


Our favorite fitness journal is this Bodyminder. It offers one of the most complete logs for keeping detailed notes on your workouts, meals, water and even supplement intake. Besides structured space for daily recordings and weekly planners, you’ll also find instructions on how to use the book and a calorie-count list for over 100 foods. The book is great for all kinds of exercise, but it’s especially good for weightlifting and gym workouts.

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2. The Lift Log Fitness Workout Journal


If your main focus in 2020 is hitting the weights, we recommend this Lift Log. The setup offers room to plan and record all your lifting sessions, making it much easier to structure and execute an effective lifting routine. Along with setting goals and recording trips to the gym, the book also has a handy reference that shows workouts for each part of the body and a place to track changes in your body as you get leaner and more muscular.

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3. DIETMINDER Personal Food & Fitness Journal


They say abs are made in the kitchen, so a dedicated food journal is a good idea (maybe even as a separate activity from your fitness journal). This food journal from Memory Minder is our favorite, offering a simple yet comprehensive place to track meals, calories, macronutrients and supplements. Reviewers are big fans of the Dietminder, giving it 4.7/5 stars on Amazon. They say it’s great for everything from casual food tracking to undertaking serious diets such as keto.

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4. Workout Journal and Exercise Cards


Setting a New Year’s resolution to be more active is hard for everyone, but it’s especially tough if you’re relatively new to working out. If you’re a beginner, we suggest this helpful workout journal from Alpine Fitness. It includes exercises for each body part, 34 cards that explain how to do certain workouts and a simple setup for setting goals and tracking progress.

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5. Life & Apples Food Journal & Fitness Diary


The mental task of staying motivated to hit the gym and saying no to ice cream is the hardest part of taking on a new commitment to health. This Life & Apples journal offers a helping hand with motivational quotes, as well as space to write what you’re grateful for and positive thoughts. It also takes a more holistic approach to health with a daily check-in of wellness elements including sun, joyful activities and sleep.

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6. SaltWrap The Daily Fitness Planner


If you already know what you’re doing when it comes to working out and dieting, some planners can be a little restrictive. This planner from SaltWrap offers a slightly looser structure, allowing you to plan, track and record a wider variety of fitness routines. It’s a great pick for fitness pros who don’t need any how-tos or reminders — just a place to organize and track all those workouts.

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7. TrainRite Compact Fitness Journal


Size is surprisingly important when it comes to fitness journals. The smaller the journal the easier it is to throw in your gym bag, backpack or car, which makes it more likely that you’ll use it religiously. If you think carrying the book might be a roadblock in realizing your fitness dreams, go for this TrainRite journal. It’s super compact at just 4.25″ x 5.5,” but it still offers ample room for recording your workouts and taking notes.

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8. NewMe Fitness Journal


Based on user feedback, this NewMe Fitness journal scores top marks. It boasts 4.7/5 stars with almost 500 reviews thanks to an easy-to-use setup and a sturdy build. Some reviews even come from fitness trainers that buy these journals in bulk for each of their clients. Needless to say, it’s a great option for keeping track of your workouts.

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9. Keep Fucking Going Food & Fitness Journal


Keeping things light and playful can make it much easier to continue journaling. This journal does just that, making its spirited attitude obvious with the title “Keep F*cking Going.” The fun continues inside with motivational activities like gluing in an imperfect picture of yourself and humorous headers like “Where the F*ck am I?” instead of “Progress.” This makes the book especially good for gifting to someone with a sense of humor who wants to up their game.

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10. GymPad Workout Journal


Another great journal for fitness veterans is this GymPad. The journal features a super minimal setup with a daily log for each workout, notes and a little inspirational quote in the corner. There are no funny frills or motivational challenges — just the essentials. It’s also one of the cheaper options at just $9, which comes in handy for gym regulars that will burn through the book quickly.

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