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Powers Combined: These Fitness Tracker Earbuds Do More than Play Music

* 4 GB of native storage
* Compatible with fitness tracking apps
* Comfortable, “splash-proof and sweat-proof design” design 

These Samsung fitness tracker earbuds are proof that great ideas can come in small packages. Combining a range of functions into their tiny forms, these shapely earbuds are a truly cordless design. They also take advantage of Samsung’s broad expertise in connected tech and smart wearables to offer compatibility with a variety of third-party fitness tracking apps.

The Samsung Gear IconX cordless earbuds synch up easily to your smartphone for wireless music streaming. But they also go beyond run-of-the-mill earbuds and provide a whole range of more advanced features that enable them to be among the first truly “smart” earbuds.

They store up to 4 GB of built-in music, giving you a backup for your workout playlist in case your phone dies – we’ve all been there – or in case you don’t want to be tethered to your phone during the course of your trip to the gym or running route. Their thoughtful design also includes wing-tip stabilizing ear gels, so that they don’t become dislodged or fall out during exercise. This is an especially important consideration for using cordless earbuds during hiking and working out, as it means your stride won’t send your earbuds flying into the depths of the canyon a few yards into your 10k at Runyon. They’re also coated to be splash and sweat-resistant. A comfortable amount of stabilization is also important at the gym, since who wants to pick up your earbuds off the gym floor?

But what really sets these “fitness earbuds” apart is their compatibility with fitness tracker apps. The Samsung Gear IconX are among the very first true “fitness tracker earbuds” on the market, able to combine many of the functions of a FitBit or other smart fitness tracker with the convenient all-in-one package of wireless earbuds. The built-in activity tracker and heart rate monitor follows your every move, then sends the vital details to your connected phone or computer. It’s never been easier to track your workout or daily routine. An accompanying charging carrying case allows for easy storage and charging when not in use.

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