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Run (Don’t Walk) to Grab This Fitters Niche Running Belt

*Fitters Niche Running Belt: Was: $25.99 | Now: $7.99 – Save 69%
*Practical, inexpensive and comfortable
*Fits phone, keys, ID, cash and more

Runners, hikers, bikers and other athletes: forget your old school fanny pack when you hit the road, trail or gym. Instead, grab this Fitters Niche Running Belt – a multi-functional, expandable waist pack. Whether worn around your waist or across your shoulder, this sporty belt can hold all of your essentials without looking too bulky. Use it to store your smartphone (as big as an iPhone 6s), keys, ID, cash, an energy bar and other necessities.

Made from durable, water-resistant material, the Fitters Niche Running Belt features an elastic band, which means it fits almost all waist sizes – up to 71-inches. It is a comfortable, non-chafing option for both men and women alike.

The stretchy belt also stays slim and snug enough that you can keep your hands free and avoid the bounce from ruining your workout. Plus each belt has a 3M reflective strip that runs horizontally along the zipper of the bag, so that cars and others can see you coming up to 300 meters away at night or in bad weather.

The Fitters Niche Running belt is top quality and comparable to much more expensive expandable waist packs. Run, don’t walk, to grab this incredible deal.

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