No Space For a Peloton? These Foldable Exercise Bikes Are Great for Cardio and Easy to Store

best foldable exercise bikes
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The biggest problem with at-home exercise equipment? Having enough space to store, let alone use, the equipment itself. As we all discovered during the quarantine, there’s not enough room in your home for everything. In an ideal world, installing a treadmill, spin bike, full set of dumbbells and yoga studio would be a piece of cake, but alas some of us can barely spread out a mat on the floor. We get it, thankfully you don’t need a ton of equipment to get a great workout, and a lot of at-home fitness equipment is designed to take up as little space as possible.

In fact, there are fitness machines you can unfold, workout on and then fold back up again for easy storage, so they don’t take up permanent space in your home. Foldable exercise bikes are a great example. They’re great for high-intensity, low-impact cardio, and can easily fold up and tuck into a corner in between sessions. We’ve gathered our favorite foldable exercise bikes below, so you don’t have to sacrifice your living room for healthy workout habits.


Pros and Cons of Foldable Exercise Bikes

A major pro of these bikes is that they’re easy to store. They’re also designed minimally, to make them easy to fold, which means they take up less space and are easier to move. They prove you don’t need to disrupt a space or sacrifice key elements of a room in order to get a great workout.

Another pro is that due to their minimalist constructions they tend to be way more budget-friendly within the spin bike realm. Whereas other, more permanent bikes will set you back a few thousand dollars, a foldable spin bike will only set you back a few hundred.

There are some cons to take into account when deciding whether a foldable exercise bike is for you. They tend to be less stable, and are made of lighter materials which means they have lighter weight limits. They’re also only made for sit-down cycling, rather than pedaling out of the saddle, as you can do with most spin bikes. They also might not last as long, so consider whether you’re looking for a temporary solution or a more long-term investment.


1. Exerpeutic Folding Upright Exercise Bike


This exercise bike from Exerpeutic is designed compact, and can fold into half of its full assembled size for storage. It’s got transportation wheels that make moving easy, and an LCD display that tracks speed, distance, calories burned and other metrics. It’s got a weight limit of 300 pounds, and eight different levels of resistance. It has a large seat cushion that’s easy to get on and off of, and it’s built to sync with the MyCloudFitness app so you get personalized Bluetooth-enabled activity reports sent right to your phone.

Exerpeutic Folding Upright Exercise Bike, best foldable exercise bikes Courtesy of Amazon


2. ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike


This foldable cycling bike has great reviews on Amazon, and a stable design that can hold up to 265 pounds. It’s got a digital monitor that displays your metrics data like speed, heart rate, distance and calories burned, and a foldable design that’s easy to store. It’s also got built-in wheels and is designed to be easy to move. It’s got a magnetic control flywheel that’s quiet, so you can easily watch TV or read while exercising.

ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bike, foldable exercise bike Courtesy of Amazon


3. BARWING 16-8-2-3 Foldable Exercise Bike


This foldable exercise bike comes with 16 different levels of adjustable resistance, so you’ve got more flexibility with the difficulty of your workout than you do with other spin bike options. It’s got an ergonomic design, with a seat cushion and back support, and has built-in art resistance bands for a full-body workout. It’s got a heavy duty steel X-type design for stability and quiet, and it’s got an LCD metrics monitor and a phone holder as well.

BARWING foldable exercise bike Courtesy of Amazon


4. BCAN Folding Exercise Bike


This foldable exercise bike from BCAN has a 330 pound weight capacity and has a triangle structure for security and stability. It’s got 8 levels of resistance powered by a magnetic system for more consistency. You can also adjust the height of the bike between seven different levels depending on how tall you are, and the ergonomic cushion is soft, wide and comfortable to exercise on.

BCAN folding exercise bike Courtesy of Amazon


5. UREVO 3-in-1 Foldable Stationary Exercise Bike


This foldable exercise bike from UREVO has a bike, squat machine and resistance bands built in so you can incorporate a variety of movements into your workout. The bike has eight levels of resistance and the squat machine is built to work your thighs, glutes, and calves at the same time. The bike requires only minimal floor space, folds up for storage and has wheels on the bottom for easy transportation.

UREVO exercise bike, foldable exercise bikes Courtesy of Amazon


6. Exerpeutic Bluetooth Foldable Exercise Bike


This alternative foldable exercise bike from the brand Exerpeutic comes with resistance bands built into the center console, so you can incorporate your upper body into your workout. It’s got a 3.3″ x 1.5″ LCD console display for viewing metrics and there are eight different levels of magnetic resistance for varying the difficulty of your workout. It’s got a small rack for holding your smartphone and a large, comfortable cushioned seat.

exerpeutic resistance bands bike, foldable exercise bikes Courtesy of Amazon


7. SONGMICS Foldable Exercise Bike


This foldable exercise bike is available for less than $100, so basically 1/15th the price of a Peloton or other luxury bike, and still comes with a bunch of great features. It’s foldable and has wheels on the bottom for easy, portable storage. It’s got eight different resistance levels designed to increase or decrease difficulty without affecting noise levels, and the wide, padded seat can be adjusted to six different heights. It’s worth noting that this bike, while being more affordable, also has a lighter weight limit of just 220 pounds.

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SONGMICS exercise bike, foldable exercise bikes Courtesy of Amazon


8. Bigzzia Upright Foldable Exercise Bike


This foldable exercise bike from Bigzzia has an upright design and is meant to be ridden sitting up, rather than leaning over the front handlebars. This is great for riders with back problems or those who need a little more support from their bike. It can shift between upright and recumbent stances, and has ergonomic and adjustable foot pedals and handlebars. It folds upright for easy transport, and has eight different levels of resistance built in.

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Bigzzia foldable exercise bike Courtesy of Amazon


9. DPFIT Folding Stationary Exercise Bike


DPFIT rounds out our picks here for the best foldable exercise bike with a minimalist design and streamlined handlebars that don’t take up a ton of vertical or horizontal space when set up or folded. It’s got an X-shape design for sturdy support and eight levels of magnetic resistance. Levels 1-3 are designed for a chill, relaxed workout, 3-5 kick it up a notch and 5-8 are designed for high-intensity movement. The large, comfortable bike cushion can be adjusted to seven different heights, and there’s a rack on the front where you can place a phone or small iPad.

DPFIT foldable exercise bike Courtesy of Amazon