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Honestly, Take This Food Sensitivity Test Before You Spend All that Money On That New Diet

* Food allergies can have a huge impact on daily life
* Fad diets aren’t built to address your specific food allergies but can hide them
* These food sensitivity tests can reveal what you should or shouldn’t be eating

Diets can be great. They provide a simple, easy-to-understand way to control your intake. You lose weight, stay “healthy” and manage what you eat to ensure each part of your body has the stuff it needs to function efficiently.

In reality, fad diets are hard to stick to, expensive and they aren’t always what your body needs. They often require you to eat a different set of food with the promise that you will see some benefit in the end. This, of course, can make life very uncomfortable. And what’s more, diets like the Keto, Paleo and Atkins require you to monitor or remove the intake of complete food groups, which can mean giving up your favorite foods. Further than that, this could throw off your body’s natural balance even farther, causing more harm than good.

For many people, the diet they are normally following can often be improved by removing one or more food items to which they are sensitive and may be causing daily discomfort through unknown allergies. For example, you may be eating gluten without realizing you’re celiac or drinking alcohol without knowing you’re tolerance levels are unusually low. Because of this, fad diets like Keto or Atkins may work for you without targeting the specific issue they are by chance eliminating. Know for sure what food sensitivities you have can have a huge impact on your daily life.

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For this reason, before you commit all your money and time to a new diet or detox from any one food group, it’s worth investing in one of these food sensitivity tests to see if there are any specific food items or groups you shouldn’t consume. The tests are amazingly simple and require only a small amount of personal input.

Here are 3 food allergy test options to choose from.

1. Mighty DNA Food Allergy DNA Test Kit


requires you to take a quick and easy swab from the inside of your mouth and send it away to their lab. From the test results, you’ll learn your sensitivity to a range of foods, including caffeine, milk, alcohol and gluten. You’ll also be given advice on foods which may be beneficial in your diet, others which you should look to avoid and some which may present you with a general feeling of unease. This test could be the answer to finding that food that always makes you feel so funny.

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2. 5Strands Adult Intolerance Test

You’ll need nothing more than a strand of your hair to get your DNA analysis from the

. This pain-free method allows you to see if you are intolerant to over 300+ food and environmental factors. These include the most common allergens, like dairy, gluten, soy, egg and nuts, as well as others, like lemon, spinach and even cedar. And, even though it has adult in the name, this test is ideal for everyone in the family, children and pets included.

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3. EverlyWell At-Home Food Sensitivity Test

Using just a single prick of blood from your finger, the

helps you discover your sensitivity to 96 foods commonly found in the modern western diet. These include gluten, wheat, yeast and dairy. The test therefore provides an ideal basis for what you should and shouldn’t consume. The test comes with easy-to-follow instructions and provides easy-to-read online results within days of sample collection.

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The At-Home Food Sensitivity Test Changing The Way We Eat