Flip Flop Season is Coming, So We Should Talk About That Toenail Fungus

manuka oil foot care
manuka oil

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* Soothing ointments to get rid of unsightly visitors to your feet
* Keep the fungus from making regular visits with preventative measures
* Simultaneously freshen and renew your nails

While it’s a well-worn cliche to talk about getting in shape for the summer, it’s worthwhile to point out that details are everything and if you’ve been hitting the gym a lot and getting that six-pack and those well-defined pecs and glutes, you hardly want all that to go to waste because you’ve neglected your feet.

That’s right, nobody wants to chill poolside with nasty toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. So get your feet ready for flip-flops by taking care of that toe grunge. Luckily, it generally isn’t that hard to treat with OTC remedies. Here are some reliable ways to prevent or help get rid of toenail fungus.

1. Tea Tree Oil Foot Wash

Regularly using a foot wash with tea tree oil helps reduce the bacterial growth and also makes your toenails a less hospitable place for a fungus party. Run some hot water in the tub, then add a few generous squeezes of this tea tree oil foot wash. Let your feet soak in the mixture for a few minutes, then pat dry and towel off.

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2. Nail Discoloration Treatment

This kit helps fix the gross, brittle and discolored look that nail-bed fungus can leave behind. It also helps prevent future infections. Use the brush applicator on any affected areas. It’s safe and gentle on skin, and won’t dry out your nails. Used daily, reviewers say discoloration disappeared in as little as 2-3 weeks.

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3. Manuka Oil

Manuka honey is well known for its skin health benefits and anti-fungal properties. A little of this after a shower helps keep your cuticles looking healthy and fresh.

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4. Vicks Rub

If your toes are feeling the burn, some of this soothing ointment can help get rid of that walking-on-coals feeling. You know you rub Vicks on your neck and temples to soothe a cold? Same idea.

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5. Super Balm

Formulated with tea tree, eucalyptus oil and lavender, this helps keep fungus at bay and your feet smelling fresh and pool-ready. Apply like you would a moisturizer, and really rub it in (around and in between your toes) to control any itching and inflammation.

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