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These Vibrating Shoe Inserts Massage Your Feet All Day Long

* Vibrating insoles eliminate foot pain.
* Gently massage your feet for less pain and better balance.
* Eight hour battery life for all-day comfort.

VibraThotics has released vibrating shoe inserts that relieve everyday foot pain while combatting plantar fasciitis, neuropathy and Morton’s neuroma. They work by gently massaging your feet through light vibrations while you’re wearing them. These vibrations increase blood circulation by relaxing foot muscles, and decrease pain in the ball of the foot, the arch and the heel–all while providing the support of a typical insert.

These vibrations can also increase athletic performance and help prevent falls suffered by the elderly. That’s because they stimulate proprioceptive nerve endings, which improves balance and decreases inflammation.

What really makes these VibraThotics inserts stand out is their full foot coverage, versatility in any shoe and incredible eight hour battery life. That means you can go a full workday with continuous, effective relief.

If you’re on your feet all day working, parenting or exercising, chances are your feet are suffering. These VibraThotic inserts can be very helpful in reducing pain and improving foot health without taking time out of your day. That’s why we highly recommend them.

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