Foot Loose: The 5 Best Foot Massagers for Fast Relief

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* 5 personal foot massagers to relieve pain and tension
* A range of designs including mechanical and automatic options
* The ideal way to relax after a long day on your feet

After a long week on your feet, it’s important to take some time to relax and recuperate. Those two appendages that carry you around for hours on end deserve to be rewarded with some spa time.

These five, at-home massage devices are made to provide deep and relaxing relief. Great as stand-alone tools or even as part of an at-home spa session, you’ll find yourself ready and raring to go after some time enjoying these fast relief devices.

Rachel Baileys
3 years
Great ideas in here! Another way to avoid foot pain to to make sure you're in the...

Rachel Baileys
3 years
Great ideas in here! Another way to avoid foot pain to to make sure you’re in the…

1. Body & Soles Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber

Forgo any bending and balancing to get to thoroughly clean your feet by using the handy Body & Soles Foot Scrubber. Whether you’re looking to get rid of all your dead skin or you just want to enjoy the 1500 gentle massaging bristles, the suction pads on the underside of the scrubber make keeping the pad stuck to your bathroom or shower floor easy. While this foot massager great for everyone, the ease of use makes it especially ideal for people with knee, hip and back problems.

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2. Premium Spiky Massage Balls

This pair of spiky massage balls is great for relieving pain wherever it hurts. By placing the balls between the floor or wall and the site of your discomfort, you’re in complete control. Apply as much pressure as you need to create your massage. The ball’s small, portable size also means they are easily transported for relief on the go.

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3. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Featuring an arched design based on the natural curve of the human foot, the TheraFlow Foot Massager provides two different modes of use. For more stationary relief, simply press each foot atop the five rows of spiky rollers and apply as much pressure as feels comfortable. Alternatively, for an active massage, move your feet over the rollers in opposite directions to alleviate the aches and pains that build up during your daily life.

foot spa best massager pain relief dual rollerImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Beurer Foot Massager

With 18 rotating massage heads, the Beurer Foot Massager is designed to imitate a (sometimes painful but ultimately relaxing) shiatsu massage. Each penetrating head works like the fingers and thumbs of a human hand to provide a deep massage that alleviates built-up tension. In addition, the Beurer boasts two speed levels and a heat function to provide a stimulating warmth.

foot spa best massager pain relief beurer heat shiatsuImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

You’ll find multiple options right at the tips of your toes with this easy-to-control Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager. Containing six rotating heads and 18 massaging nodes, enjoy a deep and relaxing Shiatsu massage and work away the tight pains in the bottoms of your feet.

foot spa best massager pain relief homedics shiatsuImage courtesy of Amazon

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