A Smarter, More Portable, More Dynamic Home Gym

Smart personal gym
Image Courtesy of NewEgg

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* A full gym in a compact design
* Smart technology tracks your performance
* Trains you to get fit within the comforts of home

Are you looking to work out but don’t want big, bulky fitness equipment that spreads out all over your house? Or maybe you live in an apartment and simply don’t have the space for a full-sized gym set-up. Your perfect solution may just be the Move It Smart Mobile Personal Gym. It’s an ultra-compact, extremely versatile, all-in-one home gym that helps you keep fit, healthy and looking great.

This is an epic design achievement. Because Move It’s compact packaging expands and unlocks to give you a wide variety of fitness options including resistance bands, an ab wheel, jump rope and a push up stand, it packs a lot of punch and workout options.

move it portable home gym Image courtesy Newegg

What separates Move It from those same devices in their separate form is its ability to track your performance using built-in smart sensors and software. It can measure your speed, grip and distance. It can count your reps and your calories. And, it sends all the information to a companion app on your smartphone, starting the moment you grab the handles.

Like a real personal trainer, Move It shows you exactly how to do the exercises and corrects your form for best results. Combine that with Move It’s in-app workout programs and you should have no problem reaching all your fitness goals, from the comforts of your own home.

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