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Extend Your Golf Clubs’ Lifetime and Performance By Re-Grooving Them

* VersaGolf TruGroove offers an effective way to increase your clubs’ lifespan
* Sharpens grooves to improve ball control and backspin
* Made in the USA using high-end aluminum

It doesn’t make sense to replace the expensive golf clubs you’ve gotten used to after only a couple years of use. Instead, effectively maintain your wedges and irons by re-grooving them with this simple Groove Sharpener by VersaGolf.

Along with extending your trusted clubs’ lifetime, the TruGroove can actively improve your club’s performance by increasing ball control and backspin. It works on both U-grooves and V-grooves, and on all wedges, irons, and utility clubs. Plus, it complies with all USGA and R&A regulations. It’s the most effective way to fine-tune your clubs, and maintain them for consistent performance.

The VersaGolf TruGroove is made in the USA using a premium aircraft aluminum body and a hardened tool steel tip that will hold up to repeated use. It also features a 4.5 inch knurled steel handle, improving grip for easy groove sharpening.

The TruGroove comes in red, blue, black, gold, silver and pink, and includes two matching ball markers and a keychain to hang from your golf bag. It makes a thoughtful and original gift for the golfers in your life, or an easy purchase to maintain your own personal golf game.

If you want a longer life for your loyal clubs, and better, consistent performance, we suggest investing in the VersaGolf TruGroove before your next trip to the links.