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Psychic Vampire Repellent Exists and Here’s Where You Can Get It

* Made to banish those people in your life who tend to drain the life out of you
* Handmade “Gem Elixir”
* Composed of intuitively selected gemstones which have been blessed with Reiki

The latest and albeit one of the more interesting products to hit the cult site is Psychic Vampire Repellent by Paper Crane Apothecary. The Vampire Spray is described as a sprayable elixir and protective mist that uses a combination of gem healing and deeply aromatic therapeutic oils to reportedly banish bad vibes. It will also shield you from the people who may be causing those bad vibes. It is suggested to spray the “protection mist” around your aura to protect you from a psychic attack and/or emotional harm.

Goop, for those who don’t know, is Gwyneth Paltrow’s hybrid wellness/lifestyle/fashion/beauty website featuring an array of unique and luxe products all curated and approved by Paltrow and her team. The Vampire Elixir is one of the newer products and has ingredients such as “sonically tuned water,” a blend of aromatherapy grade oils, gem elixirs and Reiki-charged crystals. Gem elixirs work on a vibrational level to gently heal the mind, body and spirit.

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Zoe Taylor-Crane, the founder of Paper Crane Apothecary and the creator of this repellent, is based in Los Angeles and discovered the power of gem elixirs a few years back and began making aromatherapy gem sprays and internal elixirs for friends and family. These sprays purportedly help with a myriad of troubles from sleep issues to low libido and depression too, not just for pesky people you want to avoid.

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