Slow Down: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Stress Relief

How to manage stress guide
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*A little stress is beneficial, but too much can impact your health, career, and personal life
*Symptoms of excess stress include insomnia, tension headaches and lack of energy
*Prioritize your health and well-being with these guides below to learn how to better manage stress

We all experience stress from time to time, and while a little bit can be motivating for some, too much can negatively impact your life, career, and health. Fortunately, there are mindful steps you can take to manage stress levels and prevent it from getting out of hand. Check out these round-ups to help you learn to cope and manage stress naturally.

Build a Stress Kit for Under $25

Did you know that stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease? Whether you’re suffering from stress at work, at home or know a friend who’s in need of some major R&R, start your own stress relief kit with these 9 calming products to achieve zen and serenity without breaking the bank.

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Find Zen in the City

Sometimes the buzz of modern life can get a bit loud, with emails, texts, work and family all vying for our attention. So how to regroup and reclaim a little calm through all this? Try any of these nine ways to encourage a little tranquility in your hectic urban life, all of them portable and ready to go anywhere.

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Essential Oils to Help You Unwind

Even if you don’t have time for a massage or an ultra soothing yoga session, make sure you schedule some down time with essential oils. These blends are easy to use and provide loads of benefits – from helping you sleep, to combating allergies and depression. So dab a little on your pulse points, or grab your diffuser and get ready to relax.

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Curb Your Anxiety

The A-word gets thrown around a lot these days, from “Pillowtalk” singer Zayn canceling his tour due to anxiety, to former NBA first-rounder Royce White, whose anxiety disorder was blamed for his steep decline. Find out the difference between nervousness and anxiety, and what you can do to prevent it.

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Whether work is getting hectic, or you just need to hit the mental re-set button, we have a list of some helpful tools you need to create a zen-space at home. The best part: these five items work for both advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Think of these roundups below as your guides to help create your “start up” kit to establishing a regular meditation space and routine.

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Stop The Jitters

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so if you’re prone to stress or anxiety, it can often worsen your symptoms. If you’re looking for a replacement to coffee, check out our roundup of the best alternatives. Some taste just like coffee, allowing you to transition away from the brew. Others give you an all-natural hit of caffeine along with other healthy benefits. So pack up your coffee machine and buy some of these delicious drinks for a healthier and happier morning.

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These at-home massage devices are made to provide deep and relaxing relief. Great as stand-alone tools or even as part of an at-home spa session, you’ll find yourself ready and raring to go after enjoying these fast relief devices.

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Reduce Stress at Work

Work is one of the number one causes of stress for many people, but taking it home with you can impact your personal life and relationships if you’re not careful. We can’t make the boss man give you a day off, but we can recommend a few solutions. Here are 5 products to help you reduce stress at work.

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Fidget Spinners

The toy has swept the nation seemingly overnight on the basis that it helps with stress and ADHD (some of the most common problems with adolescents, teens, and young adults today). If you haven’t purchased a fidget spinner yet, aren’t satisfied with the cheap, boring ones at gas stations, or want to add to your collection, check out these crazy fidget spinners that you won’t see in the classroom or at work. Regardless of whether you’re onboard with the trend or not, we recommend trying these out.

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Love Yourself

Taking time out for yourself can be challenging. Women especially bear the burden as most often times their work doesn’t stop once they get home. They have a new set of responsibilities to take on which can take their toll. Below we have curated six unique, affordable ways to help get you started on your way to resetting and re-energizing yourself. Enjoy and relax.

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Create an At-Home Spa

Rather than the hassle of making an appointment and setting aside time for a spa day, why not bring the spa to you? We’ve rounded up four ways to treat yourself to a day of pampering, without ever stepping foot outside.

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Get Through The Trump Presidency

The Trump presidency has not been mild, thus far. If all that chaos has you feeling stressed, this list is for you. We rounded up a few items that could help keep your health (physical and mental) in check for the next three years and change.

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Understand Why We’re All Stressed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed from the stress of an ever-quickening pace of modern life, relief is on the way. Here are five books to add to your summer reading list that, while lofty in subject matter, will leave you feeling lighter, with a better perspective on why we’re all stressed out — and what we can do about it.

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Seriously Study It

It’s a crazy world we live in these days. Many would say stress is at an all-time high, whether it’s from money, relationships, politics, or maybe your favorite band broke up. Whatever your reason for being tense, de-stressing is vital for your well-being and your health. So, we’ve brought you four easy-to-follow courses to help you de-stress as needed.

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Make a Disaster Kit

Ever heard of the old saying ‘opportunity favors the prepared mind? Well, the same goes for natural disasters and emergencies. Instead of worrying about what you’ll do if an earthquake strikes, we’ve started your list of essential items to have stocked in your home at all times.

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