What Accessories Are in Your Gym Bag?

Gym Bag Accessories
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* Help yourself out and keep these in your gym bag for convenience
* Get rid of that stink coming from your gym bag
* Come to the gym prepared for anything, every time

Most people who go to the gym regularly have a gym bag. Inside that gym bag lives everything they need for whatever workout they choose to do on that particular day. Success at the gym is all about being prepared. If you get to the gym and have been wanting to do squats all day, but then all the squat racks are taken, you have to improvise. If you workout really hard and sweat through your shirt, have a back up shirt to wear home. If you’re sore from yesterday’s lift, have some muscle soreness relief ready. This is when it’s most crucial to make sure you have everything in your gym bag that you could possibly need.

If you’re not a gym regular just yet, and are curious what everyone might have in their bags, then look no further. Here we will break down some of the most common gym bag accessories and why you need them.

Weight Belt

This is something that everyone should have in their gym bag, but lets face it, there will always be those guys who neglect their leg day. A weight belt is a gym bag essential and it should accompany you to the weight room every leg day. Strap this belt around your waist nice and tight when you are ever doing heavy squats. It will help support your lower back and prevent injury under heavy weight. But be careful, using a weight belt too often or with lighter weight can be harmful because you need to let your back and abdominal muscles develop. Neglecting to do so can cause adverse effects. Use it only for heavy pulls like deadlifts or low rows and heavy squats. A Harbinger Weightlifting Belt is what I use and because its a Velcro belt fastener instead of belt notches, which means you can adjust to your exact waist size.

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Having a thick and reliable pair of workout gloves is important any time you’ll be working on your back and doing a lot of pulling motions. Gloves help protect your hands from the friction against weights. Without them, you are sure to develop calluses on your palms. Sometimes calluses can get so bad that it’ll prevent you from going back to the gym. Making sure you come to the gym with a pair of gloves regularly is important. Maybe one day you’ll tear open an existing callus and need a pair of gloves to tough it through the rest of your workout. Always keep a pair handy in your gym bag.

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Shaker Bottle

For the very best muscle building results, you’ll want to get protein into your system as soon as possible. Bring a shaker bottle, like the BlenderBottle featured below, with your protein powder in it to the gym every time. When you’re done with your lift, go back to the locker room and fill your shaker with water. That’s how you get the instant delivery of the necessary proteins your body needs to rebuild and recover. Waiting until you get back home to make your protein shake is just not quick enough. Keeping a shaker in your bag is crucial for optimal muscle building results.

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Deodorant and Spray

Hygiene is important. The gym is a place you go intending to sweat and work up a good stink. It only seems appropriate that you come prepared to battle that body, and eventually, bag odor. You should have a stick of deodorant in your gym bag just like you keep one at home with the rest of your toiletries. Use it before and after the gym to keep the reigns on your body odor. After you’re done working out, you’re probably going to be stuffing a sweaty towel or T-shirt back into your bag. Eventually that’ll leave a stench coming from your bag. Stay on top of this by keeping some air freshener in your bag to spruce up your gym life. Try Febreze Fabric Refresher, but make sure you get the travel size so it fits in your bag.

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Muscle Soreness Relief

There are plenty of ways to go about relieving muscle soreness and pain. You can take an ice bath, roll the muscle out, use heat pads in some situations and even simple stretching will loosen you up. But the most convenient method is using a reliable cream that you can quickly rub on before or after your workouts. For convenience, I like the roll-on method the best because you don’t have to get your hands all oily to apply it. Try Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On for all your muscle soreness, sprains and joint pain. Having this in your gym bag is crucial. If you’re training the right way, you will be extremely sore. Roll this on before a workout so you can power through your workout, then apply it again after you done and out of the shower. The long lasting relief will make you feel like a million bucks regardless of how hard you just pushed yourself.

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