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These Affordable Hand Held Bidets Allow You to Stay Fresh Without The Fuss

* Hand held bidets offer a simpler method of post-bathroom cleaning
* These bidets are also environmentally friendly as they require less toilet paper
* Options include travel-friendly bidets and home install styles

When you really think about it, would you clean anything else on your body or in your home with just a dry piece of tissue paper? So why is such an approach suitable for your nether regions? Not only is this method of post-bathroom ‘cleaning’ a little strange, the environmental impact of flushing rolls and rolls of toilet paper over the course of a year should not be overlooked.

Hand held bidets offer a simple way to give your undercarriage a cleaning with water after every bathroom use. The process requires less or no toilet paper, which means adding one of these “bum guns” to your bathroom is a great idea for both your body and the environment. These handy bathroom sprayers are also useful for high power cleaning, whether you need to spray out a pair of shoes, your baby’s diapers or even your pet dog.

1. Bio Bidet The Palm


is a great option for users who need a bidet with them on the go. It’s travel-sized, which is ideal for fitting in bags, backpacks and purses, and it includes a handy drawstring travel bag for easy transport. To use it, you simply fill the bottle with water and then point and squeeze as required. The bottle sports a 7-inch long nozzle with an angled head to provide plenty of accuracy during use.

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2. Aqua Nexis Hand Held Bidet


boasts over 650 5-star reviews on Amazon from customers happy with their new bathroom installation. The bidet sports a classy, stainless steel appearance and can be installed in as little as 5 minutes. The kit includes the hose, the sprayer, a wall bracket and a t-valve, which allows you to stop water pressure from reaching the device when it’s not in use. Furthermore, the design of the sprayer head allows you to control the water pressure easily by pushing harder or softer on the thumb control lever, depending on your preference.

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3. Zen Bidet Fuentes

Sporting an equally attractive stainless steel finish, the

is another popular home-install bidet option. The set again includes everything you need for home use, including the t-valve and a bracket for storing your bidet when it’s not in use. In addition to the thumb pressure controller, the Zen bidet sprayer also features a switch, which can be twisted to adjust the flow setting to soft or jet streams. Plus, the 5-foot hose included with the kit provides enough freedom for comfortable use on the toilet. It’s also great for additional jobs like bathroom and pet cleaning.

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