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This Compact Machine Delivers Desktop Acupressure Therapy

* The Breo iPalm520 gives personal hand massages whenever you want one
* The smart device is portable and can be used on any flat surface
* Heat, time and pressure can be tailored to your preference

Granted, on first viewing, the

may look like a giant mechanical glove. But, looks aren’t the most important thing. That title belongs to what the device can do for you.

By utilizing the therapeutic effects of air pressure and hot compress massage technology, the Breo iPalm520 delivers an enjoyable massage to your hands anytime anywhere. From the top to the bottom of your hand and all of your fingers in between, this desktop device will become the relief and relaxation you need in hard-to-handle moments. In particular, the built-in pressure changes work to remove pain and discomfort and provide a soothing rhythm to rid your hands of excess stress and fatigue.

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To make sure you know what treatment your hands are getting, the iPalm520 features a large LCD display to give you a clear view of the timer and massage mode you have chosen. You’ll also find an accompanying range of buttons for controlling the strength, time and type of massage you want to receive.  

Furthermore, the iPalm520’s light and portable design means that it’s not restricted to use in one single location. It can be powered through the electric supply or by batteries, and the easy-to-carry size makes moving it between work and home no problem at all.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

The iPalm520 is a great gift idea for any friends or family you know who spend a lot of time working with their hands or could do with some stress relief. All day spent at a desk typing away, playing piano or hammering nails can lead to pretty cramped up and tired hands. After a massaging treatment, you’re hands will definitely feel relaxed and ready to keep going.


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