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This $19 Massager Promises To Keep Your Body Relaxed and Stress-Free

* Rechargeable massager means no batteries needed
* Small, discrete package allows for easy carry and travel
* Easy customization with 10 different massage modes

Need to unwind, relax and just downright de-stress? Well, the “Mighty Mousette” Rechargeable Handheld Massager might just be the answer. This unique wand stimulation device comes pre-set with three variable speeds and seven massaging patterns that should fit you and whatever mood, speed, or setting you may be in.

Not only do you get the 10 full vibration cycles, this highly-rated massager is waterproof, made from an ultra-premium silicone material and includes a USB and magnetic rechargeable cord with a two-hour use time (no more batteries!)

Powered by a super quiet motor, you will get the power of the wand without the hassle of an extension cord. The wand is also shaped similar to an ergonomic computer handheld mouse (hence the name) and will conform to your hand for comfort.

Discrete enough for easy carry and travel, with a single button on/off switch, this massager is easy and fast to operate and will be up and running in no time. Useful for all parts of your body, the Mighty Mousette promises to be the next generation relaxation tool – easy to operate with unique cutting edge qualities you won’t find with other massagers.

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