The Best Light Therapy Lights To Try in 2022

best Light Therapy Lights
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Whether you notice it or not, the amount of light in your daily life can have a big impact on your mood, how you sleep and any seasonal sadness disorders you suffer from. You may not be feeling your best, but have you considered that there may be a link between daily light levels and what’s affecting you? With this thought in mind, investing in one of the best light therapy lights is a great idea, especially come winter.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the weather, and occasionally you will have to suffer through lightless days. This is why scientists have created light therapy lamps to replicate natural light, allowing you to get the light you need without being outside or in a sunny environment.

The use of a light therapy light can help you in many ways. In particular, these tools, which can be kept next to your seat in the living room or on your desk, can help to:

  • Regulate Sleep – A lack of light exposure can affect your sleep cycle, but you’ll find using these lights for “therapy” sessions can help reset your circadian rhythm, leading to improved sleep and a more regular daily schedule. They’re also particularly effective for recovering from jet lag and light differences resulting from the changing seasons.
  • Improve Mood – Light therapy lights produce artificial light to boost your daily light exposure. You may find this helps with conditions including SAD, insomnia and depression.
  • Boost Energy – These artificial light sources can also help reduce the effects of several light-related problems, including things like the winter blues and lower-than-normal energy levels.

We’ve rounded up the best light therapy lights available to order on Amazon. Whether it’s a cloudy, rainy or snow-filled season or you’re working the night shift, make sure you get all the light you need to feel your best with one of these “happy lights.”


1. Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp

With over 3,000 fiver-star reviews on Amazon, the Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Lamp is definitely doing something to keep users happy. Many have remarked how this freestanding desktop lamp has helped to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and even dealt with insomnia. The lamp itself offers 10,000 LUX, 5500 color temperature to match daylight and 3 levels of brightness to choose from. This boldly designed lamp is especially good for anyone who works in an office environment that could do with a light boost.

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2. ForMySelf Sunrise Sensations DayBright Lamp


Sporting the most stylish design on the list, the ForMySelf Sunrise Sensations Therapy Lamp doesn’t just make you feel good thanks to light therapy exposure. It also makes your home interiors look better, too. This lamp features an attractive pentagonal face, which produces 10,000 LUX, full-spectrum UV-free light. And, the body of the lamp is made from natural, sustainable hardwood to add to its stylish appearance. The ForMySelf light also comes with a handy remote control, which allows you to cycle through brightness settings, light options and turn the lamp on and off.

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3. Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal


Simplicity is at the forefront of the Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal’s design, as its only control is a user-friendly on and off switch. The size makes it ideal for placing next to your bed while you sleep, on your desk while you work or at the end of your mat while you do yoga. This small but mighty light therapy light has the industry-recommended 10,000 LUX light level, so there’s no need to worry about its size compromising the quality of the therapy provided.

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4. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp


If WFH is part of your daily routine, then there’s a high chance you’ll benefit from the Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp. Its desktop-friendly design makes it the ideal WFH companion to keep your energy, focus and mood levels at a high while you complete your tasks. Plus, it has a one-touch button control located in the center of its square screen, making this light therapy light a user-friendly selection for all.

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5. Verilux HappyLight Full-Size Energy Lamp


The Verilux HappyLight Energy Lamp boasts plenty of positive reviews from users as well as a compact design that’s ideal for desktop use. You’ll also be able to choose between high and low light intensity options for the level of therapy which best suits you. The lamp includes two anti-glare lenses, which are easy to install and help to improve your therapy experience. In addition, this light’s broad surface allows it to emit more light per square inch than competitors.

happy lights verilux Courtesy of Amazon


6. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp Lattis


Light therapy lights are not always an attractive addition to your home, but this Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp Lattis will blend into any interior. The central lighting panel, which boasts a 10,000 LUX lighting level, is mounted within a decorative frame for a luxurious appearance. Furthermore, the high-quality light supplied by this lamp is protected by a filter, which prevents UV rays from damaging the skin.

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7. Hatch Restore Sound Machine Smart Light


If the morning is a difficult time of day for you, you need to check out this Hatch Restore Sound Machine Smart Light. This smart alarm clock controls both the brightness of its dome light and the volume of its integrated speaker to gradually ease you into the day as you open your eyes. It also has a sound library from which you can select your favorite alarm music as well as different settings to help with your sleep routine, reading and relaxing.

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8. Carex Health Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light


If you often struggle with positioning your therapy light to get the best benefits, check out this option. You can adjust the height and head angle of the Carex Health Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light to have it shining on you in the ideal position. It also features two light settings, one for traditional light therapy and another which is a generic light for completing tasks, work or reading. As a guide, you should use this light each morning for up to 30 minutes to benefit from its effects.

Light Therapy Lights carex day Courtesy of Amazon


9. NEWKY Face Mask Light Therapy


If you’re looking to treat your face in particular, then the NEWKY Face Mask Light Therapy might be for you. It has seven different color settings, all of which target different skin problems, such as red for collagen production, blue for acne and white to accelerate your tissue’s metabolism. The mask has 150 LED lights integrated into its inside surface, which overall leave skin feeling tighter and smoother.

Light Therapy Lights led face mask Courtesy of Amazon


10. Luminette World’s First Light Therapy Glasses


The idea of sitting still to benefit from light therapy might give you itchy feet, which means these Luminette World’s First Light Therapy Glasses are probably right up your alley. This on-the-go rechargeable solution to soaking up artificial sunlight makes it possible for you to be going about your daily chores, walking the dog or working at your desk while wearing the glasses. By using this product daily for up to 30 minutes, you can expect to feel benefits, such as better energy and improved sleep in less than a week.

Light Therapy Lights luminette Courtesy of Amazon


11. Northern Light Technologies Flamingo Floor Lamp


The Northern Light Technologies Flamingo Floor Lamp is well-suited for placing next to your bed, desk or couch thanks to its tall stand and adjustable head. It has a 10,000 LUX light level and integrated UV filter which blocks out any harmful UV rays. Plus, this quality lamp is designed to be silent, so your relaxing light sessions aren’t interrupted by an annoying hum.

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