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The “Belly Mask” Is A Real Thing You Can Use To Stop Stretch Marks In Their Tracks

* Sheet masks are not just for the face anymore
* Say goodbye to stretch marks with this unique mask
* Uses all natural ingredients to hydrate and replenish 

As wonderful as pregnancy can be, there are some natural side effects and/or symptoms that can leave you feeling unfamiliar in your own skin. One of them is stretch marks. While they are more common and natural than one might think, there are steps that can be taken to help keep a smooth belly and make stretch marks less likely to appear.

Applying specific oils, lotions or creams to your stomach area as soon as possible is one of the universal preventative measures for stretch marks. Another option that you can do in tandem with your belly moisturization is a unique new product called a belly mask.

The Belly Mask by Hatch Mama is a stretch mark minimizing sheet mask that works like a facial for your belly when pregnant.

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Since facial sheet masks are known for their extensive hydration properties, Hatch has taken this idea to the next level and created one for pregnant and growing bellies. The plant-based ingredients include propolis which will heal and help rebuild damaged skin cells and fade scars, while aloe vera helps to soothe and reduce inflammation.

Simply apply to dry, cleansed skin as you would a face mask, sit back, relax for 20 minutes and let the mask do its work. This all-natural hydrating sheet mask was made for pregnant bellies to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy and will even help to soften inflamed scar tissue post-partum.

Curious to try more? Hatch Mama also makes a best-selling “Belly Oil.”

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