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Boxers, MMA Fighters and Rugby Players Swear By This $20 “Head Harness” To Strengthen and Firm Up Their Necks

* Provides gradual resistance training
* Offers a surprisingly comfortable design
* Great for serious and casual athletes

You work out your arms, legs and core, but what about your neck? A strong neck helps support your head, and each time you look down at your phone, your head puts about 50 pounds of pressure on your neck. A strong neck is also your best defense against concussions. And, no surprise, it can help you perform better as an athlete.

Now there’s a smart way to exercise your neck, the Dmoose Fitness Neck Head Harness. The Dmoose offers neck resistance training to gradually build strength. It’s simple: You put it on your head and you attach weights to the chain. The more weight you put on, the harder your neck has to work to keep your head up. It’s just like adding pounds to a barbell.

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It features an adjustable strap design so you can always get a perfect, comfortable fit. The double stitching and heavy duty chain with D-rings help to reduce stress, wear, and tear. Translation: You can be sure it won’t break.

If you’re more than just a casual athlete, say a boxer, football player, or MMA fighter, you’re going to get plenty of use (and strengthening) out of it. But, it’s also great for anyone who wants to ensure their body is in top form from head to shoulders.


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