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Get Your Beauty Sleep: This Overnight Solution Will Reduce Puffy Eyes and Sinus Pain

* Stress and lack of sleep cause puffy eyes and migraines
* Eye gel mask uses cryotherapy to reduce inflammation
* Luxurious silk mask is soft and comfortable

The first week back to work after the holidays is by far the worst of the year. Your short respite from rising before the sun and fighting gridlock traffic on the daily is over. Chances are, by the end of this week, you’re tired, stressed, have a splitting headache and puffy eyes. Sound about right? Don’t worry. Try the Headache Relief Silk Eye Gel Mask from Healthies Health.

While some puffiness under the eyes can be attributed to genetics and aging, the inflammation you’ve experienced this week is most likely caused by stress and lack of sleep. Your headache is most likely caused by the same factors.

The Headache Relief Silk Eye Gel Mask uses cryotherapy to reduce inflammation. Store the gel mask in your refrigerator or freezer to keep it cold. Before bed, slip it into the mulberry silk cover. The 100% silk cover is soft and gentle against your skin. Then, place it over your eyes and lay your head down for a solid eight hours.

By the next morning, the puffiness under your eyes will be significantly reduced and your sinus pains cleared. As they day goes on, you shouldn’t experience another headache. Looking for something a little more soothing? The mask can also be heated in a pot of hot water for a more warming and calming experience.

Other ways to get rid of headaches and puffy eyes are to avoid salty foods and drink plenty of water. Reduce stress by staying organized and taking one task at a time. Above all else, make sure you get enough sleep – this mask should help.

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