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Wear This Heart Rate Monitor to Track and Optimize Your Workouts

* Getting reliable stats on your workouts to see where you can improve is not easy
* Using a heart rate monitor with accurate readings will lend a new perspective
* Rely on Rhythm24 to track your heart rate for any activity

Anyone who works out is familiar with that heart pumping feeling when you’re at the peak intensity of your workout. At this point, you are burning more calories and conditioning your lungs and muscles for their highest performance. Training at this level is what gets you results fast and some people love to train at this intensity. However, with a throbbing heart, and lungs sucking for air, most athletes usually only last about 30 minutes max.

Others like to train at a slightly slower pace, but still have their sweat rolling and heart beating somewhere between resting and max heart rate. This person can sustain this level of intensity for much longer than the guy who gives every thing he’s got in 30 minutes. Believe it or not the results in strength, physique and overall health will vary between each of these types of athletes drastically. Training with your heart rate as the primary focus will yield great results, but tracking your heart rate to stay in your target heart rate zone is the hard part.

Rhythm24 is a new armband heart rate monitor. With next-generation technology, this monitor makes getting an accurate reading on your heart rate incredibly easy. What’s more, it does it all in real time. Many of us train without focusing on our heart rate and therefore are not yielding the results we seek so desperately. Try training with a heart rate monitor as sophisticated as Rhythm24 and you’ll see how differently your same workout feels when you try to keep your heart rate in your target zone.

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Why Rhythm24?

The heart rate monitors that you use on the treadmill or any other cardio machine at the gym are not accurate, even if you take the time to enter your age and weight. Sweat and too much movement skew the results that are displayed. The Rhythm24 features a comfortable armband that fastens a small sensor to your upper forearm or bicep. This makes for a stable and consistent reading of your blood flow. On the side against your skin you’ll place three small light sensors, two green and one yellow. Most chest strapped heart rate monitors and wrist watch monitors only have the green sensors, but Rhythm24 also has a yellow sensor that helps detect blood flow beneath the skin, regardless of skin tone.

Outside of its comfortability and superior accuracy,  Rhythm24 offers different modes for cycling, running, swimming and a lifting workout to help optimize your result and save your battery when it can. However, you should always have plenty of battery because the Rhythm24 comes with a 24 hour battery life. Some of the competing heart rate monitor devices try to cram other monitoring systems and unnecessary functions into their device and inadvertently, they make the battery life far too short. If you are a serious runner or cyclist, or even an amateur training for a triathlon, you’ll want the Rhythm24 so you don’t have to worry about your monitor dying halfway through your event. Rhythm24 was made to keep up with you.

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The Results

After a week of using Rhythm24 and tracking my heart rate for every workout, my perspective on what an intense workout looks like shifted. When training for specific results you cannot down play the importance of your heart rate. I was able to see which workouts would put me in which heart rate zones and therefore allowed me to map out a fitness program exercise by exercise with an ascending, descending or steady heart rate in mind. Trying to maintain my heart rate in a particular zone only got more challenging the longer the workout lasted. I realized how much my workouts without Rhythm24 were missing due to my lack of intensity towards the end.

I found there to be a huge difference between what my heart rate looked like for a twenty minute run versus twenty minutes of lifting weights. In general, cardio will keep your heart rate high and only vary slightly for the entirety of the run, walk, bike or swim. When lifting weights, I noticed my heart rate would jump to an extreme high and then plummet back down only to jump back up again. This variance in your heart rate translates into more calories burnt, as compared to a cardio workout within the same amount of time. Also, if you pair Rhythm24 with fitness apps, you can set a zone that you want to stay in for the entirety of your workout. I would sync my Rhythm24 with the app, select a target heart rate zone, and then get alerts if my heart rate ever got too low or too high. With these alerts, it made it so easy to know when I needed to pick up the pace or take a rest. Training with your heart rate in mind makes for a more efficient workout that conforms to your exact specifications and goals.