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Cool Comfort: The 4 Best OTC Treatments for Heat Rash

* Heat rash is an irritating skin condition that occurs in hot, humid weather
* Pores become blocked leading to bumps, itchiness and a ‘prickly’ feeling
* These over-the-counter products provide effective heat rash relief

Whether you know it as heat rash, prickly heat or miliaria, this irritating skin condition is extremely, well, irritating. Contrary to many beliefs, it doesn’t just occur in babies, and it can affect anyone who finds himself or herself in the correct conditions. Heat and humidity produce blocked pores, which lead to telltale lumps, bumps, itchiness and a general ‘prickliness’ on the skin.

Treatment options for heat rash are numerous. The key first step is cooling the skin and removing yourself from the heat causing the problem. From there, dealing with the uncomfortable feeling and aiding the healing process can be accomplished using a number of over-the-counter products, saving you a trip to the doctor. These 4 treatments for heat rash are fast-acting, easy-to-use and and available without a prescription.

1. Calmoseptine Ointment

With the slogan, “If you have skin you can use it,”

should become part of your heat rash fighting arsenal if you are susceptible to the condition. The effective topical formula provides relief from discomfort and itching for a wide range of skin conditions and temporarily introduces a protective moisture barrier to the skin. Not only is it recommended by numerous healthcare professionals, it also boasts over 900 5-star reviews on Amazon from happy customers.

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2. Caladryl Lotion

Caladryl Lotion is more than just your average calamine lotion. You’ll find the lotion delivers the topical relief you’ve come to expect from a calamine-containing lotion as well as itch relief and a protective barrier to your skin.

is quick and simple to apply to your skin. In addition to heat rash, it also helps with other itchy skin conditions like bug bites, rashes and chicken pox.

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3. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

You may think talcum powder is only for babies and old ladies, but we’re here to tell you that powders, like this Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder, are for everyone. The fast-acting treatment is great for dealing with heat rash as well as a number of other conditions, including sweat rash, general itching and skin irritations. This powder is also a great option for people who work in high temperature workplaces or active people who like to hike, bike, run and do other outdoor activities.

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4. Naturals New Zealand Lanolin

is both additive and fragrance-free and is sourced from the wool of Merino sheep. This waxy substance is great for use as a protective barrier between your skin and extreme environments. It also provides rejuvenating effects for damaged skin. Furthermore, lanolin is ideal for maintaining a healthy moisture level on your skin and provides the right conditions for healing. As such, it can definitely help manage the irritation and itching that come with heat rash.

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