7 Must-Haves For Fat Burning HIIT Workouts at Home

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From space saving at-home workout hacks, to high tech gear, here’s what you need in order to get on the fast track to fitness with a high intensity interval training workout. While there are plenty of gyms and classes you can go to, you can also do HIIT workouts on your own time and in your own space. And since the appeal of these intense, shorter sessions is that you can get the fitness, fat-burning and cardio benefits in less time, they make a lot of sense for an at-home workout.

Here are seven easy pieces you can pick up (literally) to get your workout started. All of them store easily, don’t take up much room, and help you get your sweat in anywhere.

1. Kettlebell Weights

Swinging a kettlebell around may look silly, but that’s just another great reason to do this part of the workout at home. Use it for deadlifts, tricep extensions, squats and more. The kettlebell lets you pull up from the bar, or use a palm-sized grip around the ball to switch up your arm routine.

kettle bell weight courtesy Amazon


2. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable weight dumbbells save space and let you work with different hand weights for different exercises. Each dumbbell ranges from five to 50+ pounds. When you’re done, these tuck easily under your bed or in the closet.

adjustable dumbbells courtesy Amazon

3. Ab Carver Pro Roller

This roller workout features built-in resistance and a wide, stable tread to help you smoothly roll your core into shape. It also includes a high-density foam kneepad and a cool, downloadable 21-day workout plan. By using a forward rolling motion instead of a crunch, you put less pressure on your neck and back while building that six-pack.

ab carver pro Courtesy Amazon

4. URBNFit Yoga and Balance Ball

Easy to store and versatile for all kinds of workouts ranging from squats to yoga, this high-quality PVC ball has a non-slip surface suitable for at home workouts on a variety of floor types.

Yoga ball Courtesy Amazon

5. Speed Jump Rope

Hone your reflexes, co-ordination and lower body tone with this high performance jump rope. Specially designed for high-speed, accurate swings, it lends itself well to advanced jump rope workouts including doubles, triples and under-overs.

Speed jump rope CrossFit Courtesy Amazon

6. TRX Training Slam Ball

This slam ball from TRX features an easy grip textured surface for high intensity, full body workouts. Get your frustrations out by picking up the weighted ball and yes, slamming it onto the ground, as the name suggests. You can also use this for lunges, squats, arm workouts and more.

textured slam ball Courtesy Amazon


7. Rotating Push-Up Stand

The “Perfect Push-up” stand is designed to rotate, letting you engage more muscles and giving you a better workout for a given number of push-ups. It has treads to grip floor surfaces securely and the stable handles help distribute weight, avoiding strain.

Push up stand Courtesy Amazon

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