Under Pressure: The Ultimate Spy Guide to Massage at Home

ultimate spy guide to massage
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* De-stress with these at-home massage products
* Tools to improve skin, feet and overall body wellness
* Massage oils to help you relax and feel your best

Whether it’s a work schedule or bustling family life, when it comes to stress, we want to minimize it as much as possible. We’ve rounded up the ultimate SPY guide for the most effective at-home massage. What better to de-stress and look and feel your best than with these easy and affordable massage tools? Choose from skin care devices to foot and body care – there’s even a list of the best oils to accompany your quest for relaxation.


Mini Massager


The iCooster promises to open the pores and refresh skin by its massaging motions, keeping it skin firm and elastic and boosting circulation for a nice glow. The ions promote skin care and it actually will help your favorite oil, lotion or essence penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, activating the skin cells and reducing fine lines with continued use.

iCooster Portable Ionic Vibrating Massage Image courtesy of Amazon

Stimulate and Tighten Your Skin With This Ingenious Mini Massager


Best Massage Pillows


In our busy and hectic lives, it’s important to find time to relax and decompress. Before you go to bed, relieve some of that excess stress with a massager pillow. Choose from our top picks in the link below.

Brookstone Orb Massaging Pillow Image courtesy of Brookestone

Caring Cushions: The 7 Best Massage Pillows for Relaxation Relief


Best Foot Massagers


These five, at-home massage devices are made to provide deep and relaxing relief. Great as stand-alone tools or even as part of an at-home spa session, you’ll find yourself ready and raring to go after some time enjoying these fast relief devices.

Premium Spiky Massage Balls Image courtesy of Amazon

Foot Loose: The 5 Best Foot Massagers for Fast Relief


Facial Massagers to Revive Tired Skin


Why bother with expensive facials when you can achieve similar results by doing it yourself at home with the help of easy to use beauty tools like a facial massager? You’ll not only get younger-looking skin, but you’ll also boost circulation. Here are seven options – both manual and electric – for you to look over and pick from. Check out our picks in link below.

Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Massager Image courtesy of Amazon

Face Fatigue? Try These 8 Facial Massagers to Revive Tired Skin


Facial Massagers Under $30


Beyond the amazing relaxation of a facial massage, a gentle rub and roll of the complexion can yield skin-saving results that are noticeable both instantly and long-term. A few minutes a day with a manual or electric device can diminish puffiness, promote better circulation and collagen production, while encouraging deeper penetration from your skincare products. We’ve found the 5 best facial massagers under $30 that get the job done without a steep price tag.

Clear Life Anti-Aging Jade Roller Image courtesy of Amazon

Reasonable Rubs: The 5 Best Facial Massagers Under $30


Best Essential & Massage Oils


From relaxing after a stressful day at the office to spicing things up in the bedroom, these 9 luxurious essential oils will help you set the mood and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Buena Skin Anti Cellulite Massage Oil Treatment Image courtesy of Amazon

SPY Guide: The Best Essential & Massage Oils For Every Purpose and Occasion


Best Facial Massagers for Younger-Looking Skin


If you’ve dropped a lot of money on skin-renewing treatments at the dermatologist’s office and want to maintain the effects, or if that’s a whole matter you’d rather sidestep, investing in a facial massager is an easy–and quick–solution. Take a look at this line up below to find the seven best facial massagers for younger looking skin.

JuFit Face and Body Massager Image courtesy of Amazon

About Face: The 7 Best Facial Massagers for Younger-Looking Skin