8 Ways To Help Banish Your Beer Belly

Best Way to Lose the Beer
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* Get the look without switching to an all juice diet or running a Death Valley ultramarathon

Not into the dad bod look? Well, even if you’re not trying to look like The Rock, you can still get started on avoiding the saggy beer belly appearance – and the health risks that go along with it – with some health and lifestyle changes. Some are surprisingly easy. You might realize you don’t have to be up on the latest crossfit workout, though you certainly can be, in order avoid looking like Homer Simpson. So here are some relatively simple ways to prevent or banish the beer gut this summer.

1. Manage Stress

Stress and cortisol can bamboozle the body into storing fat in less than ideal places, and also lead to metabolic syndrome, so anything you can do to lower your resting cortisol levels might help you keep your trim and youthful shape.

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2. Balance Hormones

This vitamin B complex is designed to help boost metabolism and stress response, helping keep hormones in balance and your energy levels up.

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3. Manage Diet

A number of diet options exist to help you keep away unwanted beer belly and flab. Some are more intense and restrictive than others, some are well studied and have solid evidence for their benefits, and others have been called actually dangerous for your health – like that diet where you eat literally nothing but red meat. A good diet book can help guide you toward effective ways of eating to stay healthy.


4. Monitor Movement

Accountability always helps, right? Now that sitting has been called the new smoking, a fitness tracker seems like a good option for keeping track of your daily physical movement and making sure you’re getting in a healthy amount of motion.

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5. CLA

CLA, or conjucated linoleic acid, is a supplement said to help boost metabolism and help your body store fat in a healthier way.

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6. Add More Protein

If you’re looking to convert fat into muscle, making sure you’re getting enough protein – especially if you’re also trying to eat less overall – is important.

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7. Add Fiber To Diet

And don’t forget about fiber. These fiber gummies can help your digestion run smoothly, and they also have B vitamins to support metabolism.

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8. Colon Cleanse

As a bonus, some people say they have noticeable improvements from a cleanse such as this one. While it’s not recommended to go overboard with hyper-restrictive dietary cleanses and mechanical hydroscopic colon cleansing, fiber and probiotics like these are often recommended to help restore a healthy gut microbiome.

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