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Daily Deal: This $59 Posture-Correcting Chair Will Reverse the Effects of Sitting All Day

* Reverse the effects of sitting with this balance ball chair
* Comfortable enough to use all day (unlike plain yoga balls)
* Costs less than most office chairs

People will spend hundreds of dollars on posture-correcting therapy, and hours at the gym working to get a healthy, upright stature. However, there’s an easier and more affordable way to reverse the effects of sitting at a desk all day.

This ergonomic balance ball office chair combines the health benefits of sitting on a yog5960 – which is less than most regular office chairs.

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No matter how much you exercise or stretch throughout the day, sitting at a desk is harmful. Not only does sitting lead to bad posture and elongated glutes, but it also reduces energy and has long-term cardiovascular effects too.

This chair provides a real solution, as it corrects your posture without being totally uncomfortable. Many of us have tried using a regular yoga ball to correct posture, but most of us ditch that idea after about 30 minutes of being uncomfortable while trying to work. With this chair, you get the energy-boosting health benefits of a yoga ball in a chair you can actually use all day.