Leave Anxiety in 2018 With These 13 Products

how to deal anxiety
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* Most people experience varying degrees of anxiety day to day
* This worry and apprehension can have a negative impact on life
* Keep anxiety at bay in 2019 with these products

Whether it’s a job interview, a social gathering or just a particularly busy day at work, there are plenty of stressors that can lead to feelings of anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t have to be medically significant to have a negative impact on your daily life. For that reason, dealing with such stress and anxiety is one of the most important aspects of self care.

So that you leave your anxiety in 2018, we’ve put together a range of products that really do help lower stress levels. Adding them to your daily routine will help alleviate unnecessary worry and increase your level of life satisfaction. Whether it’s coloring for 10 minutes a day or spending a few extra minutes in the shower with some relaxing aromas, learn how to take charge of your anxiety in 2019 and see what a difference these products can make.

1. Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

There are few simpler or more effective ways to calm down than by flexing the creative part of your brain. Inside this Calm the F*ck Down coloring book, you’ll find 21 single-sided coloring pages to take your focus off the problems of the world, letting your mind worry about nothing more than keeping the color between the lines. In addition, this witty book offers a number of sassy quips and abstract doodles to give your mind a rest.

how to deal anxiety coloring book Image courtesy of Amazon

Calm the F*ck Down: An Adult Coloring Book



2. Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend Essential Oil

It’s important to create the right environment to relax. That’s why adding the Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend Essential Oil to your arsenal of products is a good idea. In each bottle, you’ll find a blend of oils which delivers a unique and wonderful smelling experience for your senses. And thanks to its versatility, you can choose to use this blend in a diffuser necklace, in a room diffuser or even just rubbed on your skin.

how to deal anxiety stress relief essential oil Image courtesy of Amazon

Healing Solutions Stress Relief Blend



3. Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Shower Tablets

If you love relaxing in the tub but often find yourself opting for a shower due to time constraints, it’s still possible to enjoy a super relaxing experience standing up with the Aura Cacia Shower Tablets. The tablets are filled with effervescent essential oils which release to give you a relaxing and aroma-filled shower, no matter how short time may be.

how to deal anxiety shower tablets Image courtesy of Amazon

Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Shower Tablets



4. TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller

Another simple option for reducing anxiety levels is a nice, relaxing massage, and a foot massage is perfect for people who are on their feet all day long. The TheraFlow Roller provides just that, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a second person or much work on your part. For a relaxing foot massage, simply place the wooden roller on the floor and work your feet back and forth over the device. As an added bonus, the easy-to-use roller can also be applied to all other parts of the body, too.

how to deal anxiety foot massager Image courtesy of Amazon

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller

$9.95 $19.99 50% OFF


5. Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind and Body Scented Candle

The Chesapeake Bay Candle’s 50 hours of burn time means 50 hours of delightfully scented relaxation for you. The Mind and Body Candle comes in a beautifully crafted frosted jar, which glows as the candle burns. Furthermore, the candle is made from soy wax and produces a water lily pear scent which has been enhanced with essential oils.

how to deal anxiety scented candle Image courtesy of Amazon

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind and Body Scented Candle



6. Asutra Instant Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mist

If you ever feel the need for some instant anxiety relief, try the Asutra Aromatherapy Mist. Breathing in the scent is a quick and easy way to wind down. The mist features a mix of distilled water and a blend of all-natural essential oils. In addition, it’s made in the USA and is non-toxic and eco-friendly to boot.

how to deal anxiety aromatherapy mist Image courtesy of Amazon

Asutra Instant Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mist



7. Himalayan Glow Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

Give any room in your home a healthy and relaxing glow with a Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp. Each lamp has been professionally carved from salt sourced in Pakistan and is finished with a beautiful Neem wooden base. Adding an amber glow to your bedroom or lounge definitely creates an ideal environment for relaxing.

how to deal anxiety salt lamp Image courtesy of Amazon

Himalayan Glow Pink Crystal Salt Lamp



8. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash

Enjoy lavender scents as you wash yourself with this lavender-scented body wash. When the wash is applied to your skin, it will work into a soothing lather and release its beautiful and calming lavender scent. The wash also contains ylang-ylang and chamomile essential oils along with soothing oat to ensure it’s friendly enough for even the most sensitive skin.

how to deal anxiety body wash Image courtesy of Amazon

Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash

$16.47 $17.41 5% OFF


9. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief

This Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Lotion and Foam Bath set provides a great excuse for a relaxing work over. The bottles each feature a mix of spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils to ensure maximum distraction from the stressful world around you. For the best results, use the body wash in your daily shower and apply the body lotion after you’ve dried off.

how to deal anxiety stress relief Image courtesy of Amazon

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief

$26.27 $29.90 12% OFF


10. doTERRA PastTense Essential Oil Blend Roll On

With its easy roll-on design, the doTERRA PastTense Essential Oil Blend is ideal for keeping handy in your pocket or handbag for any time you need a calming moment. The fresh, cooling aromas of the oil blend create an overall release of stress and a sense of calm. As an added bonus, you can apply this roll on directly to your skin for immediate results.

how to deal anxiety scented roll on Image courtesy of Amazon


11. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a relaxing, oil-infused environment in your home with this pack of URPOWER Essential Oil Diffusers. Each of the 2 included diffusers can be placed in any room of your house to provide moisture-filled air scented with your favorite essential oils. In addition, these diffusers provide 7 color options and a setting for mist frequency.

how to deal anxiety essential oil diffuser Image courtesy of Amazon

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser



12. Tech Tools Desktop Punching Ball

Do you ever get stress driven urges to punch something really hard? Instead of taking it out on your annoying colleagues or the nearest wall, give this Tech Tools Desktop Punching Ball the brunt of your wrath. The desktop punching bag is ideal for home or work environments and is built to withstand regular beatdowns. It also sports a spring in the design to make sure the ball bounces back every time you hit it.

how to deal anxiety punching ball Image courtesy of Amazon

Tech Tools Desktop Punching Ball

$21.95 $29.95 27% OFF


13. YnM Weighted Blanket

Sometimes the best answer to your anxiety is just to curl up under a blanket and let your mind clear itself. What’s even better about this YnM Blanket is that it’s weighted, meaning every time you wrap it around you, it feels like a warm hug. The blanket sports a 7-layer system inside and is great for adults and children alike. In addition to anxiety relief, it also promotes deep and all-natural rest.

how to deal anxiety weighted blanket Image courtesy of Amazon

YnM Weighted Blanket



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