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5 Weighted Sleeping Accessories to Soothe Your Anxiety While You Rest

* Weighted sleeping accessories are used to treat anxiety and chronic stress
* Most of these accessories weight between 4 and 30 pounds
* Items include blankets, sleeping masks and pillows

Anxiety is no joke. It can cause you to crumble under pressure or retreat from friends and loved ones if the mood isn’t right. Furthermore, anxiety can have a huge impact on your health, particularly in regards to your sleeping patterns. In fact, people who suffer from anxiety or chronic stress produce a higher level of cortisol (a stress-causing hormone) during sleep, and these levels don’t usually return to normal by morning. This, in turn, can create insomnia and unexpected weight gain.

So how to deal with anxiety? Many turn to medication to cope, but doctors now think weighted accessories can be used as a form of anxiety treatment, in both children and adults. This is a form of deep pressure touch therapy. Sleeping with a 4 to 30 pound weight can help the body produce more normal levels of cortisol while simultaneously encouraging the production of dopamine and serotonin, which are both feel-good hormones.

If you’re ready to give sleeping with weighted accessories a try, check out these 5 options to soothe away your anxiety while you rest.

1. Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

Relaxing your eyes and face is of utmost importance when combating stress. That’s why the Nodpod is highly recommended. This sleep mask is filled with microbeads and is equally weighted between several pods. It can be used to alleviate headaches, insomnia, eye strain, stress and more. Plus, it contours to your face and is made of cool jersey cotton on one side and warm microfiber fleece on the other.

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2. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

More traditional, weighted blankets are used for deep pressure touch therapy. Sleeping under

is like getting a giant hug all night. This particular model is made from seven layers, including a layer of breathable cotton and two soft polyester layers, and it weighs approximately 15 pounds. The weight comes from a layer of glass beads sewn into the middle. Keep in mind that this blanket should be used with a duvet cover, which is sold separately.

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3. Platinum Health Calmforter Deluxe Weighted Body Pillow

If weighted blankets aren’t for you, why not try a weighted body pillow? The

is made from an exclusive shredded neoprene that never flattens out. In addition, the 52-inch pillow will stay in whatever shape you create throughout the night. That means, this pillow is great for all kinds of sleepers, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. As an added bonus, it’s especially ideal for pregnant woman.

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4. SOMNOS Organic Weighted Comforter

For a weighted sleep that won’t leave you sweating overnight, the

is the answer. Guaranteeing a silky-smooth touch, the comforter is made from hypoallergenic cotton and a natural, breathable tencel that’s been sustainably manufactured from eucalyptus fibers. Inside, you’ll find fine glass sand for a smooth and noiseless weight distribution. In addition, this blanket is made to fit your body and bed perfectly as it’s available in various weights and sizes from twin to king. The SOMNOS comforter is actually an early version of Bearaby’s The Sleeper. Read on to learn more about that company’s weighted sleeping inventions.

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5. The Napper by Bearaby

The only product on this list that’s not made from several different layers, the Napper by Bearaby is simply woven from naturally weighted yarn. The functional blanket weighs about 20 pounds, giving you a soothing experience created solely from organic, cotton layers. Highly soft and breathable, the Napper is available in six different colors, from dreamy pink to asteroid grey.

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