Darn, You Chipped Your Nail. Here’s What To Do Next…

how to fix chipped nails
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* Fix nails in a flash
* Save money on salons
* Essential tools for nail emergencies

Not everyone has the time or the money to rush to the salon each time they crack or chip a nail. And while we aren’t skilled nail techs, we can help you mend those nasty cracks and get your nails back in shape and looking lovely. Just follow these simple steps…

1. Start by trimming your nails to remove the chipped end.


 Mont Bleu Nail Scissors

Snip away jagged edges in seconds with these lightweight, slim-lined Italian nail scissors from Mont Bleu. The ergonomic design and generous sized handles feel good in your hand, and the curved, precision crafted blades allow for a perfect trim every time.

Mont Bleu Nail Scissors Image Courtesy of Amazon

Askilt Nail Clippers

Anyone dealing with arthritis, or limited mobility and strength could use a pair of these nail clippers. With their wide, reinforced, non-slip press lever, clipping is a breeze. They won’t damage your nail and cause it to split like some clippers. And, you can keep them safe in their velvet carry bag.

Askilt Nail Clippers Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Use an oil to soften and smooth your nails and your cuticles.


Golden Rose Beauty Oil Nail & Cuticle

Help repair your brittle and dry nails with Golden Rose Beauty Oil. It contains multiple botanical oils, including grapeseed and sweet almond, along with a good dose of Vitamin E. It absorbs quickly into your nail bed and cuticles, leaving them soft and protected from pealing and breaks. This intensive, non-greasy oil offers total nail restoration.

Golden Rose Beauty Oil Nail & Cuticle Image courtesy Amazon

3. Next, file those nails into a uniform shape.


MAKARTT Nail Files

We have to agree with all the buyers who made this a bestseller seller on Amazon. You get 100 of these 180-grit, double-sided, rounded top nail files to keep your nails smooth and in shape. Sturdy and unbendable, these files give immediate results and can be washed for use again and again. These would make nice stocking stuffers for sisters and nieces, or anyone who’s into nail art.

MAKARTT Nail Files Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Strengthen and moisturize your nails to keep them protected.


Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

We’re not sure which you’ll love more, the way this nail strengthening cream feels or the way it smells. The coconut scent will transport you to a tropical spa, while the jojoba oil, vitamins and emollients work to provide a natural, moisturizing balance to dry and cracked nails. Along with conditioning, the calcium will help your nails grow faster and help fragile nails become stronger.

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream Image Courtesy of Amazon

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