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SPY Guide: 6 Products to Help Improve Your Posture

* Poor posture can lead to both short-term and long-term health problems
* Having a sedentary desk job is a common cause of poor posture and neck pain
* Slouching can cause chronic pain, poor digestion and reduced circulation

Whether you have a sedentary desk job or just a bad habit of slouching, you probably know that sometimes sitting up straight just isn’t comfortable. In addition to making you look like a hunchback, poor posture can lead to a slew of health issues, ranging from chronic pain to poor circulation, and even digestive problems.

If you’re having trouble training yourself to sit up straight on your own, there are several relatively affordable options to help you correct it gradually. Check out these 6 posture-helpers to help you stop the slump.

1. Posture Corrective Heel Cups

These double-duty heel cups add comfort to your step and work to help correct over pronation (outward rolling of the foot) and supination (walking with most of the weight on the outside of the feet) when walking with its ergonomic, slanted shape. These insoles work to improve your posture by correcting alignment as you walk, while also offering support to reduce shock absorption.

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2. Adjustable Belt Pad

This adjustable waist protecting belt makes any chair ergonomic, forcing your spine and back to stay straight while you sit. It’s lightweight and portable, so it’s great for bringing to the office, on a plane, or even while you meditate. It trains you to sit up straight, improving your posture and according to the manufacturer, may help alleviate lower back pain.


3. Corrective Posture Brace

Braces help to correct poor posture by pulling shoulders back into proper alignment and encouraging the muscles to retain a straight position. A corrective brace is also helpful for those with neck pain and related injuries. This 2-in-1 brace can be worn over the shoulder or back, offering both support and correction. Corrective braces often take about 2-3 months to notice results, so be patient and persistent.


4. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Memory foam seat cushions are not only super comfortable, but they can actually help correct poor posture too. This lumbar support cushion supports your lower back’s natural curve,  promoting a healthy posture by correcting slouching, while the seat cushion contours to your body and prevents pressure on your coccyx, spine, hips, and thighs.


5. Posture Monitor

This digital posture tracker let’s you know when you’re starting to slouch, helping you break the habit and training you to sit up straight. The discreet sensor adhere to your shoulder and gives you a gentle pulse when you start to slump. Created by doctors, the Lumo Lift not only tracks your posture, but it also tracks your steps and fitness activity to boot.


6. Posture Pump

The Posture Pump features a dual disc hydrator, which works to improve posture and encourages proper spinal alignment with lifting and expanding motions that gently move the neck up and down, opening up cervical discs. Not only is it great for posture correction, but it’s also recommended for those who suffer from headaches and neck stiffness.

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